The Simple, NEW Way to Save BIG On Your Morning Starbucks Run

Earth Day is tomorrow (April 22nd), and you probably already know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is celebrating in a big way. But they’re not the only ones with special events coming for this holiday! In fact, you don’t have to be in Disney World at all to take advantage of a new Earth Day deal.

Starbucks at Animal Kingdom

If your first stop in Magic Kingdom is always the Main Street Bakery and if you can’t function in the morning before you’ve had that cup of joe — we can totally relate. Check out this new deal to see how you can get your coffee fix and help support conservation at the same time!

Starbucks announced previously that they’re working to seriously cut back on the use of disposable cups. Single-use cups make up about 20% of Starbucks’ waste worldwide, so they’ve been trying out a few different techniques to encourage customers to bring their own reusable cups instead. The company is hoping that by the end of 2023 customers at all U.S. and Canada locations will be able to use reusable cups for their orders, including those placed at the counter, in a drive-thru line, and through a mobile app.

Starbucks in Disney Springs

Some strategies that Starbucks has tested out include charging extra for disposable cups or having customers pay a fee to use a reusable cup and then refunding them once the cup is returned. Now, in honor of Earth Day, Starbucks has a new promotion to encourage customers to cut back on single-use cups. They’re offering FREE reusable cups!

Plastic cups are going away

Starbucks Rewards members who make a purchase of at least $5 or who use Paypal to reload their Starbucks Card will be given a free cup coupon, which is loaded onto their Starbucks Rewards account (Fox News). This coupon can be accessed through the app and redeemed for a free reusable cup.

Color-changing Starbucks cup

The special Earth Day offer will run through April 30th, 2022, but customers can redeem their coupon for a free cup through May 7th, 2022. That’s not the only special promotion for this holiday, though. All customers can save money on their order just by bringing their own reusable cup!

Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom

Anyone who brings in their own reusable cup can receive 25 stars on their Starbucks account and 10 cents off their order. Customers can collect the stars and redeem them for a free drink once they have enough! Usually, 150 stars gets you a free drink, so it doesn’t take long for your rewards to start adding up to free coffee.

Ditch plastic and save!

Previously, customers would get between 1 and 3 stars per dollar spent (depending on how they paid), so getting 25 stars per order is a big increase. So be sure to pack your reusable cup the next time you head out for a Starbucks drink!

Get 10 cents off your order!

The Starbucks chief sustainability officer has said that the company “set a bold aspiration to become a resource positive company – to store more carbon than we emit, to eliminate waste and to conserve and replenish more freshwater than we use.” The company is seeking to cut carbon, water, and waste footprints in half by 2030, according to the Starbucks website.

Starbucks in Disney Springs

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