Can You Guess What Disney Characters Became Popular Baby Names in 2020?

Disney inspires so many people — even outside of the parks!

We’re constantly inspired by the castle!

From nursery rooms to birthday parties — many Disney fans find themselves using Disney themes in their own lives! But some fans take their passion to the next level.

You may think you’re a big Disney fan — but would you ever name your child after a Disney character? Well, apparently many do! Recently, the Orlando Sentinel shared that some names with Disney ties made the list of the most popular American names for the first time in 2020, thanks to research from 24/7 Tempo.

Baby Olaf, anyone?

Out of the popular names in 2020, 25 of them had not appeared in the top 500 of lists of the most popular names for previous years. That means from the years 1880 to 2019 these names were not in the top 500 of popular American names. But they finally made the list in 2020!

One of those names was…Remy (also spelled Remi)!

At least babies named Remy have their own merch!

Ratatouille came out back in 2007 and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure didn’t open until 2021, so we don’t know that this was necessarily tied in any way to the Disney film directly, but maybe people were just really in a Ratatouille mood! Or maybe they were just humming along to Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical!

Would You Name Your Kid Remy?

Parents better get these kiddos named “Remy” in the kitchen ASAP! According to the Orlando Sentinel, this name is used for both boys and girls, with boys outnumbering girls under the “Remy” spelling. The 2020 count was 610, with the name’s rank being 496.

Remy Ornament

The other Disney name on the list? Kylo!

His stare scares us!

Kylo made the list as a male name, with the 2020 count being 657, and the name’s rank being 449. Most know the name’s Star Wars origins, however, the name also derives from the Latin word “Caelum” which means sky!

Kylo Ren

We also have to mention that the name Lucca also made the list, but the Luca film wasn’t released until 2021, so we don’t know that anyone had Disney on the brain when they were naming their babies Lucca back in 2020. But it might stick around as a popular name soon now that the movie has come out!

So if you’re planning on naming your kiddo something unique, you could potentially use Disney as your inspiration! Who knows…maybe you’ll start a new name trend! In the meantime, be sure to check back here often for the latest Disney news!

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Have you named your child after a Disney character? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “Can You Guess What Disney Characters Became Popular Baby Names in 2020?”

  1. I named my daughter after 2 Disney characters. Madison (mermaid from Splash) Ariel (mermaid from The Little Mermaid). #NoRegrets I have also been known to name our pets for Disney characters as well. We presently have a Russian Blue named Eeyore.