Why Orange Juice May Cost You MORE Soon

The orange is the official state fruit of Florida, and it looks like oranges might be in trouble.

We love you Orange Bird, we really do.

Citrus trees in Florida are at risk of producing one of the smallest crops of oranges in over 50 years, and it looks like prices might be increasing soon. Here’s what you need to know.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, the U.S. Agriculture Department is predicting the smallest crop of oranges since 1945 as orange trees are falling victim to a disease called citrus greening. As a result of the loss of citrus trees, there could be a price increase for orange juice.

Orange Bird is Disney’s connection to Florida Oranges

Citrus greening was first discovered in Florida in 2005, and it causes thinning around the crown of orange trees, which affects the production of fruit. Infected trees grow citrus fruits that are usually green, bitter-tasting, and misshapen, meaning they can’t be sold as fruit or for juice. There is no cure for this disease.

POG Juice is made with orange juice

The Florida citrus industry is worth $9 billion, and it employs almost 76,000 Florida residents. 18,000 homeowners will receive compensation for destroying citrus trees in an effort to stop the spread of the disease, and experts hope to stop the spread soon.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this developing situation, so keep reading AllEars for more Disney news and beyond!

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