Shrek 4-D Has Permanently CLOSED in Universal Orlando

Between crazy price increases, ride refurbishments, and new snacks, there is a LOT going on in Disney World today.

Universal Orlando Resort

But we want to make sure that an important update from a different Orlando theme park doesn’t go unnoticed amid all the changes at Disney. A popular attraction at Universal Studios Orlando has officially closed for good, and this is one that we’re going to miss.

Shrek 4-D has closed permanently in Universal Studios Orlando. The attraction ran for 19 years, since its opening in 2003.

Shrek 4D

Guests who visited Shrek 4-D received 3D “OgreVision” glasses to watch the show. The story followed iconic characters from the movie Shrek (including Shrek himself and Donkey, of course!) as they try to stop the ghost of Lord Farquaad from capturing Princess Fiona.

Fiona and Shrek at Universal Orlando

The 4-D element came into play with different sensory effects, similar to the It’s Tough to Be a Bug show in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Our heartfelt condolences to all the Shrek-lovers who will miss this attraction.

Shrek 4-D

We’re not sure yet what might replace this attraction, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear any news. Keep following AllEars for the latest updates.

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Are you a big Shrek 4-D fan? Let us know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Shrek 4-D Has Permanently CLOSED in Universal Orlando”

  1. In addition to the show, I am going to miss the snarky message board near the attraction. The details on notices -such as the Village Tavern having a “Drunkenly Calling Old Girlfriends Hour” or the sale of a glass slipper and 3 pigs Handyman Services were too funny!

    I am guessing the replacement attraction won’t be the one mentioned on the board that gives us the chance to witness Lord Farquad deliver his famous “Why Fairy Tale Creatures Should Be Fed to Wolverines” speech.