Disney Looking to Put Guests “At The Center of Every Decision” According to CEO Bob Chapek

Disney World just celebrated its milestone 50th Anniversary, but The Walt Disney Company is coming up on its 100th Anniversary next year.

©The Walt Disney Company

The company was established in 1923, and a century later, it still stands. They’re setting some big goals and planning for the future, and today, we got a glimpse at what those goals are going forward.

According to Variety, Disney CEO Bob Chapek sent out a memo to Cast Members recently to express his gratitude and to address the goals of the company as it heads into its second century.

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He starts with a note of thanks to the Cast Members, saying “Thanks to you, we are weathering the pandemic and emerging stronger than ever. Over the last two years, we continued to tell the world’s best stories, reorganized, and accelerated our transformation to better serve audiences and guests.”

Cast Members at La Creperie de Paris

He mentions the challenges that many overcame during the pandemic, including working from home, “while managing at-home learning and gaps in childcare.” He also speaks about the challenge of new leadership, noting that he’s thankful for the foundation that Bob Iger laid before his departure from the company.

Disney faced many challenges during the pandemic.

After recalling the past few years, Chapek moves on, saying “And so I believe our mission for this year is clear: set the stage for our second century, and ensure Disney’s next 100 years are as successful as our first. To do that, we will focus on three pillars.”

Plans are being made for the future.

The first of the three pillars that he notes is Storytelling Excellence. He mentions that Disney is a company known for its creative storytelling, that those stories “mean something to people.” Chapek shared in the note that in order to encourage collaboration, sharing of best practices, and stimulate cross-studio ideation, he will be establishing a monthly meeting with senior creative leaders to discuss the opportunities they face as a “storytelling enterprise.”

©Disney | Disney is known for its excellent storytelling through media.

The second pillar mentioned is Innovation. Going back to the beginning, Disney has been an innovative company, and Chapek notes that it “must continue as technology evolves, giving our creative teams new canvases like the metaverse on which to paint.” He hopes that they will continue to be innovative as they strive to bring stories to life in new ways.

©Disney | Disney+ is one of the ways the company has adapted.

And finally, Chapek mentioned Relentless Focus on our Audience as a third pillar on which to fixate. He said, “We are a big company with many constituents and stakeholders, all of whom have a place in our decision-making. But at the end of the day, our most important guide—our North Star—is the consumer.”

Disney is planning to focus on the consumer.

Chapek goes on to note that the way consumers want to experience entertainment is changing, largely due to the pandemic and new technology. He added, “We must evolve with our audience, not work against them. And so we will put them at the center of every decision we make.”

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The memo ends with a note of optimism about Disney’s future, noting some of the company’s accomplishments. We’re certainly interested to see what happens as we head into the 100th Anniversary, and we’ll make sure to share all the news with you guys along the way.

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What would you like to see Disney do for the 100th Anniversary? Tell us in the comments!

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29 Replies to “Disney Looking to Put Guests “At The Center of Every Decision” According to CEO Bob Chapek”

  1. I was going to react to Disney’s self destructive path…but you all did such a great job. Thanks to everyone who speaks out.

  2. You have Got to be kidding! Put the guests “at the center of every decision” is the most laughable thing I’ve heard in a very long time. Chapek could care less about the guests. Did he listen when thousands were unhappy about losing the Magical Express, or thousands upset about having to pay for rides now (or wait in long lines), or the complaints about the constant nickel and diming?? Nope. He’s a joke and needs to go. He’s killed the magic in Disney.

  3. He doesn’t care about the consumer. Raising prices on everything and nickle and diming guests is not thinking about the consumer. Making us pay for fast pass. Housekeeping that doesn’t clean the rooms. No pick up at the airport and charging guests to park on property. NO PERKS at Disney resorts except for slow transportation. The imagineers started a petition to remove him, where do I sign?

  4. So glad to see so many here referring to us as “customers” and not the fabricated “guest” that Disney wants us to believe we are. Nobody treats a guest the way Disney does today. From the attitude I have seen of many “cast members”, they also realize they are nothing more than expendable “temp employees”. My apologies to the employees who still have residual magic left in them. You guys help make the new Disney bearable.

  5. HE wouldn’t know what a “good guest experience” wasif it came up and slapped him on his stupid bald head!
    Disney doesn’t know what made Star Wars the intellectual property that it was before they bought it and why Galaxay’s Edge is an ultimate failure for most Star Wars fans. If Walt himself wanted to attend today’s parks he would probably be charged extra for wanting to take a picture in front of the castle with the partners statue.

  6. Disney pushes the “magical” experience. There is no magic folks. I think Disney understands that people are so desperate to believe and find that magical experience that they prey on people that are willing to see Disney as it’s being sold and promoted and not as it actually is!
    Do the math. Take the actual daily cost of flight, parking, rooms, food, park passes and divide it by how many people in your party and then ask yourself if the cost is worth the magic you are receiving in return. You will be shocked!
    Stop drinking the kool-aid. They are counting on our ignorance or willingness to overlook the extreme cost because of our desire to capture the “magic.” The same magic that may have at one time existed but has now disappeared under the green cloud of greed!

  7. Excuse me but there was a couple of words left out during editing of this story. The title should read that Disney Looking to put guests “bank accounts” at the center of every decision. This story comes on the heals of the story yesterday, “Hundreds of price increases arrive at Disney World”. No, we understand fully where we are centered in this farce of a rah rah speech. Raise prices across the board over and over, take away everything that doesn’t turn a buck or two and any benefits reserved for “select” guests.

  8. So this man is going to try to convince us that WE wanted these horrid changes? See how that works? My money is on people actually falling for it. I’ve seen too much in the past couple of years to think any differently I’m afraid.

  9. You’ve taken everything that made Disney magical and worth the cost away! Bring back shuttles, free dining and fast passes and more discounts on packages. Your prices are entering another dimension

  10. Ah, tell us again, Mr Paycheck, how we asked you to make everything more expensive. Remind us how we begged you to get rid of free airport transfers. How we pleaded with you to remove free fast passes.

    You are the human equivalent of Mr Krabs from SpongeBob. ‘Money’ is your favourite word.

  11. All you have done is take away the magic . We go every three years and let’s look at the past 3. 1- took away magical express and now my one way trip to the park is 120.00. 2 you now have to pay to park if you drive yourself. 3 You now have to pay for fast pass. 4 we always stay at moderate resorts and now we don’t get extra hours. Even though the resorts are beautiful and I never thought I would stay somewhere else, I think it’s time. No reason to stay on site anymore. It’s really sad cause I love that place.

  12. Right…. Charge people the most outrageous prices for the least experience.
    Take away all perks for staying on property.
    Nickel and dime guests at every possible point during their stay.
    That’s all about the customer…right?
    Bean counters rule!!!

  13. He’s got to be kidding. The consumer has NOT been considered in decisions the past year. We have been taken advantage of over and over. Our benefits for staying onsite have all but been eliminated and it goes without saying that everything costs way more. It’s all about the money no longer the experience

  14. Well, “putting guests at the center of every decision” is a nice catch phrase but, replacing the word “guests” with “profits” appears to be more accurate.

    1. Susan, I have banned the word “guest” from my Disney vocabulary. NOBODY would treat “guest” the way Disney does now. We are merely “customers”.

  15. The guests ARE at the center of every decision. He is figuring how to get the most money out of every guest that they possibly can.

  16. The “man with all our money” is just a downright LIAR!!! On your site there is another article about food and beverage prices increases. This puts us first? The sizes of portions getting smaller puts us first? Taking away character dining and meet and greets without a mask for 2 seconds for a decent pic is excellent story telling? Making resort guests wait forever for buses is putting us first? Getting rid of airline check in, magical express, transfer of food for DVC members is putting us first? How many things have been taken away at the parks? Merch is lacking…let’s blame Covid and shipping. Well sorry I want plush to buy my grandkids and on 2 trips….nothing!! Let’s not even talk about the stupidity of genie+. Disney IT is the worst around….can’t get ADRs at 60 plus 10! He needs to go!!! I’m not first and nobody else is either! Just Bob’s pockets.

    1. I think when Chapek referred to “excellent story telling” he was referring to the kind of “stories” my mother used to spank me for telling, aka, lies.

  17. Disney guest service is no longer a priority. Tried to contact guest services for reservation assistance, and after five attempts and on hold for over two hours, I gave up. You cannot even leave a message for some one to call you back.

    Disney service is non existant.

  18. This executive team appears so clueless and totally out of touch with the fan base. Don’t understand any of their recent decisions, please just go back to the way it was from the 1970s to early 2000s. Disney was so awesome for a long time, I can’t believe how quickly downhill it has went and how expensive it has become. Unbelievable , how could they screw this up? Wish they would listen to the fan base and all their comments.

  19. Man the decision I made to up every price point and make it impossible for me to go was genius! So glad I took away all the perks of going to Disney! Wow and my Genie+ decision bravo! Thanks Bob for taking our advice!

  20. I can’t believe he thinks the decisions of the last year have put the guests (customers) first. Getting rid of Magical Express, redoing and charging for fast passes (expensive and not particularly user friendly) no longer moving food for dvc members with a split stay at different resorts. These are just an example of the apparent uncaring of this administration’s interest in keeping loyal guests coming to WDW.

    1. So the better question is why did you stop putting the guests experience first Bob(s) ? (Iger gets some flak for this too!)

      1. Raising prices is putting the experience first. They have too many people wanting their services for a good experience, so they are starting to charge more so less people want their services.

    1. Customers first on the same day everything in the parks received a price hike? Did he have a stroke when someone wasn’t looking? How does that put the customer service first? As a long term stockholder, it’s time to sell while I can still realize the capital gains, there’s no dividend to hold it for anymore.
      They’re completely out of touch with their customers, cast, and they’ve stopped telling good stories, if Boba Fett is anything to go off of.