How to Make Your Own Disney EARidescent Outfit at Home!

We are still in the midst of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration, and runDisney is here again to help us keep the party going with their latest DIY!

runDisney EARidescent Running Skirt ©Disney

What better way to race through the finish line than with an extra special outfit you made yourself?! Luckily, Disney has crafted an EARidescent running skirt sure to make you sparkle as you finish the race.

This tutorial from runDisney is inspired by Minnie Mouse’s EARidescent outfit, but could easily be customized to your style needs as well!


We’ve gathered the details for this easy and fun tutorial below. First, you’ll need to gather your supplies:

  • Tulle fabric, in purple/pink, light blue, and dark blue
  • Thick gold ribbon
  • Thin gold ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Following the tutorial, first, get a measuring tape and measure around your waist.
  • Using your waist measurement as a guide, cut two strips of the thinner gold ribbon.
  • Take the thick gold ribbon, and cut a strip using your waist measurement PLUS 40-50 inches (this will allow additional room for you to tie the skirt in the back).
  • Starting at your waist, measure down to where you want the bottom of the skirt to be. Then, double this measurement.
  • Now you’re ready to cut your tulle! These strips should be 6 inches wide, by however long your length measurement was. Repeat until you have several strips.
  • Wrap the thick gold ribbon around your waist and find where the two ends meet at your back — tie in a knot at each end.
  • Time to put everything together! Layer your tulle strips in groups by color.
  • Take your first grouping and fold it in half, then place the fold underneath the thick gold ribbon. Take the bottom of the tulle, and bring it up over the gold ribbon through the fold of the tulle and pull tight.
  • Keep repeating this process until your skirt is as fluffy as you’d like it!
  • For the next layer, you’ll repeat the process above but first, you’ll want to cut the tulle strips so they are around four inches from the top of the skirt.
  • Repeat for the next layer, but cut the strips to be around eight inches from the top of the skirt.
  • Trim any uneven edges around the skirt.
  • Lastly, take your thin gold ribbon and tie it to one side where the tulle knots end, and weave it through the tulle knots until you get to the other side.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to tie your skirt around your waist and run your way to a medal! Do you think you’ll try out this tutorial? Let us know in the comments!

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