AllEars TV:We Ate the GROSSEST Snacks in Disney World

This Disney World snack tastes sick! And not like sick in a good way either, more like “I might lose my Sleepy Hollow lunch if another turkey leg or or cream cheese soft serve sundae crosses my path”. Disney World is twice the size of the island of Manhattan, so there are TONS of places to get your snack on, but with so many interesting snacks available, some of them are bound to be downright gross. Since RTT is all about extremes, only the worst of the worst are good enough for our viewers!

Turkey Leg from Liberty Square Market

From polarizing confections like Star Wars Milks (and Disney World’s obsession with alien foods in general), to Club Cool and Italy’s infamous Beverly soda, to epically terrible seasonal “treats” like the Poor Unfortunate Souls Sundae, it almost seems Disney strikes out on their snack offerings as often as they have a home run. Fear not, faithful viewer! You don’t have to have eaten these gruesome goodies to be in on the joke. That’s why we’re here! We Ate The GROSSEST Snacks in Disney World, and we’re sharing every gory detail!

Click Below to RTT We Ate Disney’s Grossest Snacks!

What is your favorite Disney World snack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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