Disney World’s Parking Tram Situation is So Bad It’s Now a Late Night Joke

It’s been almost 18 months since Disney World began its phased reopening after temporarily closing due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Cinderella Castle

While most restaurants, hotels, and experiences have now reopened (at least in a modified capacity), there are still quite a few things that remain closed. But, one big thing that many Disney fans have been wondering about is when the parking trams may return to the parks. And, now it seems that even late-night comedians are questioning their comeback making Disney the subject of a joke.

A few days ago, NPR shared an article discussing inflation and how COVID-19 is impacting customer service across the country. The long-term closure of the trams at both Disney World and Disneyland was used as an example, with the post stating that Disney is “forcing visitors to walk nearly a mile to enter and exit the parks.”


And, the criticism of the long walk to and from the car was picked up by The Late Show host Stephen Colbert in a short bit he did on air. Colbert quotes the NPR article and then goes on to coin a new name for the walk calling it “Simba’s Boiling Asphalt Stroll.”

Depending on when you’re visiting, it can certainly feel like that!


Now, Disney has announced that the parking trams will be returning to Disneyland in early 2022, so, guests visiting the West Coast parks won’t have to trek from their car to the park much longer. However, no return timeline has been announced for the trams at Disney World.

Could trams come back soon to Disney World?

At Disney World you can still see the colorful vehicles sitting off in the far corners of the parking lots, just waiting to be revved up again. But, staffing shortages and previous physical distancing measures are likely to be the cause for their delayed return.

Disney World Trams

Recently, we did see a job posting on Disney’s Career website looking for Part-Time Parking Cast Member though, so there is a possibility that the trams could return sooner than we might think.

Of course, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the latest updates, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars to be the first to know!

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Are you hoping that the parking trams return to Disney World soon? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Replies to “Disney World’s Parking Tram Situation is So Bad It’s Now a Late Night Joke”

  1. I’m here in Orlando now and have limited how much I go to the park simply based on this. Additionally They’ve expanded vacation club and built more hotels (Riviera, Swan Reserve) making the parks more crowded….. On top of variable pricing which they claimed would thin out the population (but, they knew better-people will just pay extra) they’re really making oodles of money…. While I do not feel that I need a wheelchair I have knee issues. For TTC to get into MK I did that walk last year and by the time I got to the park I really couldn’t enjoy myself. I believe one way to avoid it is to take a lyft and get dropped off if you’re not staying at the resorts……may be worth it.

  2. There isn’t an excuse for this now. They have the Disney College Program back and can dedicate some staffing levels to tram operations. They just don’t want to spend the money on it anymore and are trying to get to the point where everyone forgets.

  3. I find it very disappointing that the exorbitant parking prices do not include them running a tram any longer. It makes me angry that customer service is no longer a priority for them. Really concerned for a walk in the dark back to find my vehicle.

    This trip may be my last one ever to visit Disney World.

  4. Yes I can not go to Disney until the parks have the trams running. I can not walk that distance with my Rollator walker.

  5. I witnessed first hand the ridiculous lengths these poor Disney guests have to walk to get to the parks! I observed it from the monorail. You need to call anUber just to get to the turnstiles . Yet, the guests schlep along, not complaining. They walk for miles!!!! Come on Disney! Get those trams or something going. I do believe staff shortage is part of the problem.

  6. Not reviving the Disney world Tram System is a disgrace! I wonder if Bob Chapek had to walk a mile back and forth to his office to get his paycheck if he would see life differently????

    1. Not making what he makes a year! Out of his pay he could pay the Tram drivers a 100 bucks an hour and still have an abundance of money to live on.