BREAKING: Disney World Announces Pricing for Very Merriest After Hours

Disney World is hosting a LOT of celebrations this year!

Holiday Decorations at Walt Disney World

We’re in the middle of the Halloween season, and soon we’re going to kick off the 50th Anniversary celebration. In the middle of that, we’ll get to enjoy the holiday season again with the Very Merriest After Hours event, and Disney just revealed the ticket prices!

Very Merriest After Hours is this year’s replacement for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It runs select nights from November 8th-December 21st, and the tickets are going to start at a whopping $169 each!

Holiday Cavalcade in Magic Kingdom

Tickets range in price from $169 to $229 (plus tax) for select nights in November and December. On December 19th and 21st, they’ll be $249 a piece.


Tickets will go on sale on August 20th and Annual Passholders and DVC members can score a $10 discount on select November dates. Guests of select Disney Resort hotels, Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels, and Shades of Green can purchase their tickets as early as August 17th.

The holiday season is coming back!

Stay tuned to AllEars for more details on the celebrations, including the holiday season!

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Are you going to Disney World this holiday season?

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10 Replies to “BREAKING: Disney World Announces Pricing for Very Merriest After Hours”

  1. At $129 to $199 I thought it was expensive but something we might consider in order to avoid crowds. But as a party of 4 & our travel dates being over Thanksgiving there’s no way I would pay $230 per ticket. But of you can afford it I guess go for it.

  2. We will probably never see the lower prices for parties again. As long as people are foolish enough to pay these outrageous prices, Disney hears you loud and clear. This is what we get.

  3. $115 in 2019 WOOOOOOOOOOW !!!
    Now $169 to $230 ?????????????????

    Is Jesus himself, making a guest appearance. Then it would be worth the price.

    Son of God, $260 for sure !

    Costumes, Coco, packaged cookies, decorations I Don’t think SO !!!!!!

  4. We’ve been there for one of these events, and trust me, it’s not worth it. After paying those prices, there will be disappointment. Disney is very quickly outpricing your average family and will be only for the elite.

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂So like I said I’m the Is Boo Bash too expensive comment…. As soon as more typical entertainment returns that is usually at these events.. it gives them the go ahead to now charge $175-$250. I’ve seen it happen with Disney too many times.

    It is becoming a serious ripoff… but the new fans think it is all great and don’t think the price it too steep. Very sad indeed. Might have to sell my DVC as the whole Disney product is way way way too over priced.

    1. I agree this is crazy. We won’t ever be able to take our granddaughter there. Not right, i remember when it was 60.00 .