PHOTOS: ALL the Entertainment Coming to Disney’s NEW Cruise Ship!

It’s been a big day for the Disney Cruise Line as they announce some of the new features on board their newest ship — the Disney Wish!


We’ve seen a peek at the new dining experiences, rooms, and character interactions that guests will be immersed in beginning Summer 2022, and now we’ve got more information about how Disney will be keeping guests entertained on the ship. With brand new stage shows, theaters, and more, we’ve got a lot to cover — so, let’s get to it!

Here is ALL the entertainment onboard the Disney Wish!

Disney Shows

Walt Disney Theater

The Disney Cruise Line is known for its grand theatrical performances that take place each night while onboard the cruise, and that will be no different for the Disney Wish! Guests will be able to see theatrical stage performances in the new Walt Disney Theater.


The theater is designed to look like a magical forest and sets the scene for two new original shows being developed for the Disney Wish and one reimagined show — Disney’s Aladdin — A Musical Spectacular.


Grand Hall Stage

And, Walt Disney Theater won’t be the only place that you can catch stage performances! The Disney Wish will be the first ship to have a stage in the atrium, known as the Grand Hall Stage.


Disney has shared that guests will gather here for theatrical performances throughout the day and you never know exactly what you might find there. They will be using new technology and special effects to transform the stage from day to night, so there will always be something new to see.

Hero Zone

For those who want to be part of the show, there will be a family game show-style competition area called Hero Zone. Themed as a sports arena, guests will gather here and go on “action-packed physical challenges themed to some of Disney’s most incredible heroes.” 

Disney Wish ©Disney

The space will feature an obstacle course and a free-play sports area, so the game show-style competitions are sure to keep you and your family entertained. And, if you prefer to watch from afar, there will be a balcony that you can sit and watch others take on the action-packed challenges.


Much like other Disney cruise ships, the Disney Wish will feature Disney Premieres at Sea, where guests will be able to watch Disney movie premieres on the ship the day that they are released (and sometimes before).

The Disney Wish ©Disney

The new ship will house not one, but TWO cinemas named Wonderland and Neverland so there will be plenty of room for guests to enjoy the latest Disney movies.

Kids Club

If you’ve got kids, then they are in for a treat on the Disney Wish! Disney has reimagined the Disney’s Oceaneers Club where kids (and their parents) can play in three new themed areas.


In Marvel Superhero Academy, kids will choose their own hero suit and put it to the test alongside iconic Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and The Wasp…


…over in Fairytale Hall, kids will walk into Rapunzel’s art studio, Belle’s library, and Elsa and Anna’s summer house, where they can paint, read, and play with the Disney princesses…


…and kids will put their Disney Imagineering skills to the test in the Walt Disney Imagineer Lab. The play area will even feature a chance for kids to design their own roller coaster and go for a ride on it virtually!


Other Entertainment


Serving as Disney Wish’s “entertainment hub,” Luna will be a place where families can go to have fun together during the day, but at night it will transform into an adult-only space.


Themed after Disney and Pixar’s short “La Luna,” it will be home to a two-story screen wall and will feature a stage, bar, and seating. And, you’ll be able to find exclusive entertainment in the evening with live shows and other interactive events.

Outdoor Entertainment on the Upper Deck

And, while you’re enjoying the pool on the upper deck, you’ll be able to catch some entertainment! Much like other Disney cruise ships, there will be a poolside stage with a jumbo screen that will play movies and sporting events throughout the day…


…and throughout the day and night, Disney characters and performers will take to the stage for brand new deck parties. Plus, the Disney Wish will even have nighttime fireworks that were created specifically for the ship.


There is a lot more information to come on Disney’s newest cruise ship, and we’ll be keeping track of it all! If you’re already thinking about planning your cruise on the Disney Wish, reservations will be available for all guests beginning May 27th! Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney news and updates!

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