AllEars TV: The Best Thing Disney Ever Canceled

Don’t get us wrong, we love a Disney World cavalcade, but those brief and unannounced bursts of character magic can’t hold a candle to the elaborate parades of yore which have literally and figuratively gone up in flames.
Fortified with fire retardant, join us today as we discuss the best thing Disney ever canceled.

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5 Replies to “AllEars TV: The Best Thing Disney Ever Canceled”

  1. Bring back the parades because I hate the calvacades!!!! That would make a great song title “Bring back the parades because I hate the Calvacades!!!!” Every body dance!!!!

  2. I don’t get what is so great about the calvacades. They are way too short. I also find them annoying because they play they same annoying song over and over again. After you have see one they just get stale and boring. It is the same monontous boring calvacades over and over again!!! Bring back the parades!!!! I hate the Calvacades!!!!!

  3. Honestly, I prefer the cavalcades. The parades had people lining up for house and then people coming at the last minute pushing in front of people that have been waiting.

    This let’s you see the characters and go on.