PHOTOS: We Found a Social Distancing Problem in Disney World

Disney World is certainly no stranger to inclement weather! Heavy rainfall could come any time of year, so it’s important to be prepared with all of your rainy day essentials!

It can get pretty rainy in Disney World!

In 2021, however, there’s an additional factor to consider when it rains: lots of guests will be looking to find shelter FAST, and when that happens, social distancing could be totally tossed out the window!

When it rains, it can certainly POUR in Central Florida, leaving many guests to scramble for a dry spot to hide from the weather. Under normal circumstances, this isn’t too much of an issue, but when it comes to social distancing, this can be cause for concern. When we first entered the park, social distancing didn’t seem to be an issue at all.

When we arrived at the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge, however, that became a different story.

Lots of guests were seeking shelter in the tunnel area leading into the land.

Galaxy’s Edge

When we finally found some shelter in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we couldn’t help but notice we had LOTS of company, and that six foot distance between parties was nearly non-existent.

Not a whole lot of physical distancing happens when you’re seeking shelter from the rain

Once we decided to brave the elements, we noticed other guests huddling under umbrellas to avoid getting drenched. Since those umbrellas are much smaller spaces, it’s more unlikely you’ll find a lack of physical distancing outdoors.

A rainy day in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Over in Toy Story Land, we noticed more physical distancing, as parties were able to find umbrellas that were spaced six feet apart while standing in line.

Toy Story Land

Other areas of Toy Story Land seemed more crowded — if you take a look at the restrooms, there appears to be several parties standing close to each other in order to stay dry.

Toy Story Land

Overall, physical distancing seems to be hit or miss when it rains, so be on the lookout for potential “hiding” spots early before the storm arrives so you know where you can wait out the rain without dozens of new friends!

Rainy day in Toy Story Land

Make sure you are prepared for any kind of weather during your Disney World vacation, and be mindful of the current health and safety guidelines while you’re visiting the parks!

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Do you enjoy visiting Disney World on rainy days? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “PHOTOS: We Found a Social Distancing Problem in Disney World”

  1. We were there last week when a thunderstorm with bolts of lightening every few seconds occurred. As we got off it’s a small world the attendants were yelling to everyone to get out as quickly as possible So it wouldn’t get congested. I understand the 6 ft protocol but when it’s lightening that much i would rather stay out danger of getting hit than by getting covid from being closer than 6ft apart