AllEars TV: Universal Has One BIG Thing Disney Doesn’t Right Now

Since Florida’s theme parks reopened last summer, some things have returned while others have not.

Theme park fans LOVE new rides!

Right now, Universal Orlando does have something that Disney World hasn’t brought back just yet — its dining plan. So yes, you can use Universal’s dining plan. But should you? In today’s video, Molly’s trying it out to let you know if it’s worth it!

Click below to find out if Universal’s Dining Plan Is Worth It

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4 Replies to “AllEars TV: Universal Has One BIG Thing Disney Doesn’t Right Now”

  1. loved this video- it was informative and hilarious! Although my heart broke a bit when Molly got emotional in the gift shop. You have such a soft heart for a Slytherin!

  2. I wonder if Molly can try all the sodas at Disney World too and freak out at Disney memorabilia the same way she did at Universal!!!!

  3. The absolute highlight of my day. Watching videos like this. Molly drinking Soda and crying over a jacket!! This video is EPIC!!!!!!

  4. Actually the QSDP comes with 2 snack/drink credits that can be used with a Butterbeer if wanted. So the QSDP without freestyle cup has an entre, a drink, and 2 snack/drinks. This change was made several years ago. Makes it VERY worth it especially if u use those snack/drink credits for Butterbeer, Florean’s ice cream, and/or a bavarian pretzel. Also the Bavarian pretzel is the most expensive snack at $8.50. if you use your drink credit for a specialty drink or Gatorade, it makes it even better. Also clarify that the freestyle cup can not only be “recharged” for the day, it can also be used to get discounted fountain drinks and slushies without recharging it. For those of us who don’t drink much soda, that’s a better option. You just have to go to a restaurant to get it refilled. The freestyle machines won’t work.