According to YOU, These Are the Best Disney Color Trends

Disney loves to create its own color trends. One minute the shelves are stocked with rose gold ears, spirit jerseys, and backpacks. The next minute, it’s all things Purple Potion!

Color Trend Ears

We’ve seen a slew of color trends come, go, and stay over the years. We’ve had our opinions on the best and worst color fads, but we wanted to hear from you! It’s time to settle this once and for all!

Which color trend do all of you think is the BEST color trend?

We decided to do a mini-showdown and pit the most popular colors against each other on our Instagram. We’re LIVING for these results.

Purple Potion vs. Millennial Pink

First up, Purple Potion


…versus Millennial Pink. Will followers feel pretty in purple or pink??


We received a resounding vote for Purple Potion! We’re more into a moody purple color scheme ourselves!

Purple Potion vs. Rose Gold

Magic Mirror Metallic vs. Rose Gold

Next up, we went head-to-head with the futuristic Magic Mirror Metallic

Magic Mirror Metallic Minnie Ears

…versus the color trend that started it all, Rose Gold! Will our followers kick it old school with Rose Gold or choose the future-forward Metallic?

Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears

Not much of a surprise here! You guys LOVED the OG Rose Gold!

Magic Mirror Metallic vs. Rose Gold

Arendelle Aqua vs. Iridescent

Now we’re really getting deep into the color trends. We decided to test out your love for sparkles in this next battle! Will our followers go for the Frozen-inspired Arendelle Aqua

Arendelle Aqua Minnie Mouse Ears

…or the Unicorn-inspired Iridescent?

Iridescent Cupcake

Looks like Elsa really influenced our love for turquoise! Arendelle Aqua swept the competition without breaking a sweat.

Arendelle Aqua vs. Iridescent

Dapper Yellow vs. Imagination Pink

This last battle was a toughie. The votes were super close all the way through, and we weren’t sure who would win in the end. Would it be the bright and sunny Dapper Yellow?


Or the delightfully cheery Imagination Pink?

Imagination Pink Collection

Imagination Pink won overall, but the race was super close. It was definitely a teeth-gritting competition in the end!

Dapper Yellow vs. Imagination Pink

Okay, we’re not done yet! We asked our Instagram followers for their opinions, but we want to hear from our readers, too! What color trends do you love? Do you love the pearly Iridescent, the classic Rose Gold, or maybe the summertime Dapper Yellow? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!

Do you agree with the results? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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