PHOTOS: Here’s What Disney’s Hollywood Studios Was Like Today!

Greetings from Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios

We’re visiting the park today and taking you on a photo tour with us! From Rise of the Resistanceto characters, and wait times, come along as we take you through our day at Hollywood Studios!

Follow Along from Our Day at Hollywood Studios!

Compared to our time here last week, the morning at Hollywood Studios was a little less crowded, as you can see at the temperature screening tents.

Temperature Screening Tents

While Hollywood Studios is definitely the most “crowded” of the four parks at Disney World in our experience, the people do disperse quickly.

A good example of this was our view over by Dockside Diner which was taken around the same time as the video above, where you can see that there are smaller groups of people more spread out than at the initial entrance.

If you’ve been keeping up with our daily wait times, you’ll know that Hollywood Studios has had some of the higher wait times, with the longest waits coming first thing in the morning. This morning, Tower of Terror was posted at about a 40 minute wait, with the line wrapping around onto Sunset Boulevard.

Tower of Terror

Rock n’ Roller Coaster had a similar wait time at this point, and you can see that the line went past the entrance for the attraction.

Rock n’ Roller Coaster Line

One line that did go down considerably from opening was over at Trolley Car Cafe. When the park first opens, the line here can get pretty long, but by 10:30AM it had shortened by quite a bit.

Trolley Car Cafe

While Tower of Terror did have a posted 40 minute wait time, we got on in a little more than half that time to take our favorite service elevator! It’s important to keep in mind that while some lines might look long, we have found that occasionally the wait times are shorter than posted.

From there we went to Toy Story Land, where Molly of course had to take a selfie with Buzz, who she was matching with her face mask!

Molly and Buzz

Here’s a better idea of what the crowds looked like by this point over in Toy Story Land!

Heading over to Galaxy’s Edge, Kylo Ren was out with some Stormtroopers to “greet” guests.

Kylo Ren and Stormtroopers

We also noticed that the store over in the First Order area had opened!

First Order Store

By that point, our Boarding Group had been called to go on Rise of the Resistance!

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

We stopped by to take a few shots of the Millennium Falcon on our way over to fight the First Order.

Millennium Falcon

Seeing as it’s the newest land in Disney World, it’s unsurprising that Galaxy’s Edge has been the most consistently populated spot in the parks.

Heading over to Rise, we noticed something a little different on this ride through — there was a non-animatronic Stormtrooper roaming around the First Order Hangar!

On our way out of the park, Molly got one more surprise — another chance for a selfie with Buzz!

Molly and Buzz

That’s it for our day in Hollywood Studios! Let us know what YOU want to see from our trips to the parks.

Check out the wait times from all four parks in Disney World today!

What is your favorite thing to do in Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments below!

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