Crowd Level Report for Reopening Day at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

After being closed for nearly four months, the Magic Kingdom officially reopened today at Walt Disney World!

Balloons on Main Street at Magic Kingdom on July 11th

And we’re here to report on ride wait times, reopening procedures, and of course, crowd levels.

So what exactly does a reopened Magic Kingdom look like? We got there bright and early to find out.

Main Street, U.S.A., Magic Kingdom’s grand reopening

When we first entered the park on Main Street, U.S.A. at 9AM, there was a bit of congestion as guests filtered into the theme park and got a gander at the all-new pink Cinderella Castle.

Magic Kingdom Morning Crowds

The initial crowds were not unlike a normal day at the park, and there was a line to get into the Main Street Bakery that went past the social distancing markers on the ground.

Main Street Bakery Line

When we circled back to Main Street a little bit later in the morning, however, we noticed that the entrance to the Magic Kingdom had lightened up a bit.

Main Street on Magic Kingdom’s reopening day

After walking through the Hub, we turned to the left to walk into Adventureland, where we noticed that there was quite a bit more space to walk around.

Adventureland entrance at Magic Kingdom

We turned our sights toward the Jungle Cruise, where there was once again a line that went past the ride’s designated queue and social distancing markers, though it was far from the longest wait time we spotted at the Magic Kingdom this morning (that honor went to Pirates of the Caribbean, which had a 50 minute wait around this time).

Jungle Cruise Line

One BIG line that we did see was over at Splash Mountain merchandise! This was also a huge wait for Passholder Preview day, when the virtual line wait time reached up to 240 minutes.

Splash Mountain Gift Shop Virtual Line

Just like we saw earlier this week, you got in line to sign up for the virtual line…

Splash Mountain Gift Shop Virtual Line Sign Up

…then, when you were texted that it was your turn, you got into another line!

Splash Mountain Gift Shop Virtual Return

Read more about the 240 minutes wait time Splash Mountain’s gift shop had this week!

Throughout the day, wait times and crowd levels remained relatively light due to the limited capacity. The times we most noticed crowding was due to weather, such as during rain storms.


During Character Cavalcades, we also some guests gathering, but overall most people seemed to respect each other’s distance.

Frontierland after Character Cavalcade

Around Cinderella Castle midday, crowds had lightened significantly.

Cinderella Castle Hub

In fact, it was a perfect time for a PhotoPass opportunity!

Cinderella Castle PhotoPass

Here’s what you NEED to know about getting your Cinderella Castle picture now!

By this point, crowds down Main Street had also gotten far less. If reopening day so far is anything to go by, it seems like crowds at the park will be far less by midday compared to the mornings (which are still less than normal due to the limited capacity).

Main Street USA midday

We will be at the Magic Kingdom all day today LIVE and will continue to monitor the crowd sizes. Stay tuned here for more updates!

Follow along as we report from the grand reopening of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

What do you think of the crowds at Magic Kingdom’s reopening day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Crowd Level Report for Reopening Day at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!”

  1. I thought crowds were really light. Almost like when the park clears after a heavy rain. It was amazing. Kids got to ride everything they wanted. Snow White twice. Space mountain three times. Everything else pretty much had no wait other than the walk from the entrance to the ride. This might be our favorite trip yet! Sounds crazy bc there are things missing from the “magic” but there are lots of awesome things too! Face masks are rough in the Florida heat…but it’s not as unbearable as I’d imagined. You do hear cast members telling people to pull them up properly throughout the day and to keep them on during rides but that’s what they were told to do. Overall, it’s been great. Hope the rest of the parks are the same in regards to being able to do everything we want.

  2. Are they enforcing face masks? In your picture of Frontierland there were several people with their masks off.

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, we saw several Cast Members ensuring guests were keeping their masks on throughout the park and on rides.