What Your Favorite Pixar Movie Says About You

One of the things we enjoy the most about watching Pixar movies is how they always seem to capture our imaginations.

©Disney Pixar Pier

Even though they’re just animated films, they often capture our emotions in ways we don’t always seem to understand ourselves!

That’s why we’ve taken the time to analyze each Pixar flick so we can describe what we think your favorite movie means about YOU!


Clearly, we’re not the only ones who really identify with the little trash compactor robot whose romantic feelings for Eve go unrequited! At least, initially!


But just like Wall-E, we bet you’re pretty charming, and if you can entertain us with your love of musicals and a little soft shoe-ing, all the better! Call us sentimental fools or hopeless romantics, but if you’re a lover of love, we bet you enjoy this movie too!


Cars fans are into classic, cool nostalgic stuff! New fangled gizmos probably aren’t for you and you probably prefer doing things the slower, old-fashioned way since you get more satisfaction out of the journey than the destination!

Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

You also probably have a lot of charisma like some of the Radiator Springs residents. And not to sound too punny, we bet you’re very driven, too!


You’re most likely a dreamer and walk around with your head in the clouds. You probably also identify closely with animals. We know we love watching the movie just to see Dug and Kevin do their thing!

Kevin from Up! in Animal Kingdom ©Disney

But most of all, you have a truly inquisitive personality and believe the wilderness MUST be explored. You’d never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure, and we bet you’re an awesome buddy to travel with, too!

The Incredibles

If you’re into this superhero brood, we bet you probably have a hidden talent or two that others don’t know about!

The Incredibles 2 © Disney/Pixar

You don’t need Edna Mode to make you a super suit. Just be you, and blast your uniqueness out into the world! You’re not afraid to strut your stuff!


We reckon you’ve probably got a bit of a wild streak if you favor Merida above all other Pixar characters!

©Disney Brave

You’ve also got a bit of wanderlust, and you DON’T enjoy being told what to do! Luckily, you believe in destiny and will control your own fate, thank you very much. We also think you might have a crop of wild red hair that’s almost as impossible to tame as the brave princess herself.


We’ve got one word for you if your favorite Pixar movie is Ratatouille (well, three words, actually)…food, food, and FOOD! 

©Disney Ratatouille

Not only are you obsessed with food, but you probably have a pretty sophisticated palate, too. You also might love this movie because you’ve got something to prove. Chef Gusteau’s “Anyone can be a chef” quote might inspire you! Are you aspiring to be something other folks would never suspect? Hey, if Remy can do it, so can YOU!

Toy Story

You love ALL of the Toy Story movies because let’s face it, you’re still a big kid at heart. We only know this because some of us still have a few of our favorite childhood toys lying around — sorry, Andy’s mom!


You probably have a wild imagination, too! Did you make up crazy stories with your toys like Evil Dr. Porkchop, One-Eyed Bart, or even tea time with Mrs. Nesbitt? If so, you love these movies because they remind you of YOU! The movies capture all the childlike wonder and joy of being a kid and even teach us a thing or two about growing up, though we prefer not to!

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

Your friendship never flounders, and you’re the type of person everyone likes to have around!

Finding Nemo © Disney/Pixar

Just when things couldn’t be any worse, and people want to give up, you’re determination shows others they still have strength. We could definitely use a few more fishy people like you in our lives.

A Bug’s Life

Fans of this flick (starring FLIK!) are not followers. Sure, you’re a tad misunderstood at times, but you exude creative and passion which makes you a natural-born leader!

©Pixar A Bug’s Life

Or maybe you just really love all the insect characters. We know we can’t stop laughing hysterically at Heimlich the Germanic caterpillar! Either way, A Bug’s Life is and will always be one of Pixar’s best movies!

Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University

Here’s the thing about lovers of this Mike and Sulley buddy film: friendships are super important to you, even if you and your best friend don’t see eye to eye!

Monsters Inc.

But that’s the beauty of friendship. And we bet you’re the perfect ying to your bestie’s yang! You guys can probably really crack each other up and probably know each other better than you know yourself!


Let’s face it — you’re very artistic. Your vibrant personality can capture the room’s attention, but you can also be very reserved, too.

Coco ©Disney

The music, setting, and culture of Coco has truly captured you. And you don’t mind the after-life aspect of the film because you like it when things are a little spooky.

Inside Out

While many of us suffer from being hopelessly out of touch with our emotions, the same can’t be said for you! Your internal monologue-game is TIGHT!

Joy and the other Emotions ©Pixar

That being said, your analytical brain can’t be turned off — you’re always thinking and maybe a little anxious at times!  Just lean back and allow Joy to work the controls more often for you!


We think you might be a bit of a gamer (Dungeons and Dragons is all up in your lifestyle) but you also might be working on your confidence! We all wish we could have a brother like Barley to help us bust out of our shell!

©Pixar Onward

But really, there’s nothing to be afraid of — just be yourself and others will really dig who you are if you can give your nerves the backseat! Oh, and you probably think Guinivere is the COOLEST van you’ve ever seen!

The Good Dinosaur

We don’t know many people who would claim THIS is their favorite Pixar movie, so that alone says something about you! Marching to your own drum doesn’t bother you!

©Pixar The Good Dinosaur

And just like Arlo, you’ve probably overcome some major challenges, so kudos to you! 

What did you think of our little Pixar personality test? Did we get your favorite movie right? Let us know in the comments below!

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