The New ABC Mug Collection at Disney World is Simply M-A-G-I-C-A-L!

Good morning class! Today’s lesson is all about the alphabet! Now, we know that you can’t focus without a cup of coffee, but don’t worry… we can multitask!

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The new ABCDisney Collection at Walt Disney World is filled with coffee mugs, trinket boxes, and other adorable designs inspired by the resorts. So follow along as we take a tour through the wonderful world of letters!

A is for Adventureland, a frontier for the bold!

Adventureland Mug

B is for Big Thunder Mountain, where mines are filled with gold!

Big Thunder Mountain

C is for Cinderella Castle, a fairy tale come true! While D is for the Dapper Dans, who’d love to sing for you!

Cinderella Castle and Dapper Dan Mugs

E is for Enchanted Tiki Room, where birds and flowers sing!

Enchanted Tiki Room Mug

While F is for Fantasyland, and all the joy it brings!

Fantasyland Mug

G is for a Grumpy dwarf, whose attitude is sore.

Grumpy Mug

While H is for the Haunted Mansion, where there’s room for just one more…

Haunted Mansion Mug

I is for “it’s a small world”, fun for all sons and daughters.

It’s a Small World Mug

While J is for the Jungle Cruise, home of the backside of water!

Jungle Cruise Mug

K is for Kilimanjaro Safaris, where real animals roam!

Kilimanjaro Safari Mug

While L is for the Lion King! Those savannas are his home!

Lion King Mug

M is for Main Street USA, the home town of our host!

Main Street USA Mug

While N is for little Nemo, who swims just off the coast!

Nemo Mug

O is for the Orange Bird, whose Dole Whips sure delight!

Orange Bird Mug

While P is for young Peter Pan, whose happiness takes flight!

Peter Pan Mug

Q is for the Queen of Hearts, who’s both vicious and mean!

Queen of Hearts Mug

But R is for the Riverboat that belch out clouds of steam!

Riverboat Mug

S is for Soarin’ Round The World, where aviators play!

Soarin’ Mug

While T is for Tomorrowland, where the future is today!

Tomorrowland Mug

U is for Under the Sea, where fishes dance and croon!

Under the Sea Mug

While V is for the Villains that seek to spell our doom!

Villains Mug

W is for the World Showcase (be sure to try the beer!).

World Showcase Mug

While X is for X Marks The Spot… OI! What’s Redd doin’ here?!

X Marks the Spot Mug

Y is for the Yeti, an unlikely disco star.

Yeti Mug

While Z is left to Emperor Zurg, the most evil one by far!

Zurg Mug

If coffee mugs aren’t to your taste, don’t fret! You shouldn’t fear! These charming trinket boxes will have you grinning ear to ear!


You’ll find these at Emporium, or out in Disney Springs. If you like them then buy one, or five, or all the silly things!

Update: These adorable mugs and trinket boxes have also made their way to shopDisney, where you can find much of the collection right now!

We truly hope our couplets weren’t enough to make you vomit. Which design is your favorite? You can tell us in a comment!

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2 Replies to “The New ABC Mug Collection at Disney World is Simply M-A-G-I-C-A-L!”

  1. I love these…I want the whole set. 🙂 I like that some of the mugs are different for WDW and for DL, also. Unfortunately, only certain ones are available on the ShopDisney site. Would love an option to buy the whole set. Thanks for showing all of these and the cute poem!