Bizarre but True Facts From Disney World’s Lost and Found Department!

Have you ever lost something at Walt Disney World?

Lost and Found

Well, you wouldn’t be the first! Check out these fascinating facts about Disney World’s very busy Lost and Found Department!

What would you guess is the most commonly lost item at Disney World? According to Disney, 210 pairs of sunglasses are turned into Magic Kingdom’s Lost and Found every day making them one super-popular item to misplace!

And Disney estimates that since Walt Disney World opened in 1971, they’ve taken in over 1.65 million pairs of missing sunglasses!

But that’s not all! On a yearly basis, Lost and Found Cast Members collect more than 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 digital cameras, 18,000 hats, and 7,500 autograph books! That’s a lot of signatures you’ll have to work hard to replace!

Chewbacca signing autographs

When Disney asked its Cast Members what some of the most unusual items ever turned into lost and found were, the staffers said a glass eye, a prosthetic leg, and potty trainer.  But while losing a prosthetic arm or leg may sound strange to us, it actually happens with some regularity. In a 2002 article written by the Orlando Sentinel columnist Linda Shrieves, she interviewed Kim Lauver, a Disney World Lost and Found Cast Member, who assured readers that body parts — especially toupees — are quite commonplace in her department.

She went on to explain the Magic Kingdom Lost and Found processes roughly 400 to 500 items per day. During peak season, these numbers can easily double.

Cast Members sort through the items by description, separating articles by type, then by color or style making them easier to look through for identification purposes. It’s common for each day to produce a tote of red hats, blue hats, straw hats, etc. and each bin is labeled with the date it was procured.

Hold onto your hats! They’re some of the most commonly lost items at Disney World!

Baby strollers are also frequent visitors amongst the commonly-misplaced items, which also include MagicBands, cellphones, and other small handheld electronics of our techno-era. When an electric shaver appeared at the Magic Kingdom Lost and Found one day, it prompted a lot of head-scratching from staffers — who would think to shave while at the park in between a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain? A full-size color tv was also one day found in the parking lot — origins unknown.

Lauver also said a number of medical devices and equipment including crutches, wheelchairs, and canes have been found, prompting another great mystery to solve — just how were these people getting back to their resort or home without these things?!

Magic Kingdom Exit

Perhaps we’ll never know the answer, just like we’ll never know who some of this lost stuff actually belongs to. Lauver stated that while most prosthetics are retrieved by their grateful owners, not everything that ends up in the Magic Kingdom is claimed.

Speaking of which, did you know you can now submit a Lost and Found report to Disney World online? Simply put in all the information you know about the item you lost anywhere at the Disney World resort, and Cast Members will search for it! There’s no guarantee you’ll be reunited with the item again, but it’s a super-convenient way to spread the word and hopefully get your item mailed back to you!

Have you ever lost something while visiting Disney World? Did you ever get it back? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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39 Replies to “Bizarre but True Facts From Disney World’s Lost and Found Department!”

  1. I managed to lose a backpack with my phone, wallet, our babies favorite toy and my wife’s favorite sweater in it while walking from the Polynesian to TTC. I dont know how I was able to somehow just lose the backpack off my shoulders while walking. We live in Europe and since it was on our last day of the trip I thought I would never see our items again. Nearly a month later I get an email from the customs office and there it was. Our backpack with everything in it. Disney magic at its finest.

  2. Yes, I was shocked to find a package from Disney over a month after my trip. They found and returned my cell phone. The Disney magic is true!

    1. The same thing happened to me, Barbara! I left a backpack at one of the bus stops and it was gone when I went back to get it. A month later it showed up on the doorstep. *Magic*

  3. Yes! I was drinking around the world for my bachelorette party and set down wine glasses I had bought in Italy…who knows where. I went to Lost and Found the next morning and some wonderful person had turned them in so I was able be reunited with them. I also lost a wallet once but realized that in time to get it from guest relations…timing of realizing the items are missing makes a difference.

  4. We left two corcksickles in our room this past May. Called the resort 15 minutes after we left and turned around to retrieve them. Front desk said they’d contact housekeeping, but when we got to the room, housekeeping had already started cleaning our room, had the corcksickles in their trash bag outside our door and would not return them to us. So much for sending guest property to lost and found. We did get them back, but we had to get management involved.

  5. My husband lost my expensive underwater digital camera on a slide at Blizzard Beach years ago. We’re pretty sure someone found it and kept it as someone stated seeing it get found. But I still submitted a claim hoping it got turned in. 3 months after our trip a camera came in the mail, not mine so I sent it back. A few months after that another one came in mail, not mine either. I charged it though and saw photos on it. I figured Disney wasn’t going to get it right so I’d try. Did my best detective work and contacted some summer camps that matched a t shirt worn in some of the photos. Never found the owner unfortunately so sent it back. Never did get my camera but I guess they tried and I could have kept one as a replacement but it was more about all the photos I lost.

  6. On my first visit to magic kingdom 20+ years ago I lost my book bag with gum, sunglasses, and probably $40 cash in it (I was 10, what else would I carry?). Magically, the bag was shipped back to me about a week later, everything inside!

  7. My son lost his (Target) lanyard and pins (some from the park, some from Target) at Disneyland. We went to lost and found at the end of the night and filled out a form. Two weeks later it showed up on our doorstep with 2 Mickey Mouse stuffies, one for each of my boys. Disney Magic at its finest.

  8. Years ago we left our stroller in the parking lot…..we were exhausted ( imagine that!)and each of us thought the other had loaded it in…….it arrived on our doorstep a couple months later.
    …truly Disney Magic!

  9. I lost a hat during the end of the night fireworks at the castle on our first trip a few years ago. I submitted an online form and a few weeks after getting home, it came in the mail! I was so surprised. Same trip I misplaced a shirt that I had just bought in a bag and sadly that never made it’s way back to me.

  10. Left a pair of new shoes I bought at Blizzard Beach and a new Go Pro with attached handle on the shuttle from the water park to Coronado Springs. This was about 10 days ago. My sister left on the next shuttle separately from me and found the items but didn’t know they belonged to me so she turned them into the driver. The camera was pretty new and she didn’t see me buy the shoes on my way out. Once I realized my camera wasn’t in my backpack I called her to see if she saw the items at the water park after I left and she notified me she found them on the shuttle and turned them in. We were not able to find the driver anymore because they move them around sometimes, so I filed an online report with full descriptions and a serial number for the go pro. Got an email about 4 days later that nothing was found and that my case was closed. So our trip cost me an extra $1000 😫

  11. I lost my figment magic band on ROTR, I know I lost it in there and cast members wouldn’t let me look for it. I was told to fill out the list and found form online – ended up getting an email a day later it was found (a non park day) and was able to pick it up at Disney springs. Very fast and efficient of Disney! Totally made my trip. On the same trip, my husband left has backpack in a family restroom when he took our daughter while I was getting desserts from France. We met up in UK for fish and chips and that’s when I asked him where his backpack was. He ended up running back to the restroom and a security guard was by the restroom- again, very lucky for us it wasn’t picked up yet and we were thankful Disney kept an eye on our stuff!

  12. My husband left his bag on Star Tours. I ran back immediately but it was gone. It had bandaids, tennis balls (he had a walker at the time and they went on it), and pressed penny books in it. We filed a claim and got it back two days later!

  13. My brother left his hat on the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom. I told him to fill out the form on-line. He was so happy when it appeared in the mail several weeks later. He didn’t think he would ever see the hat again, a birthday present from one of his kids.

    I left my credit card on the dinner table in Wilderness Lodge. Went back the next day and they searched everywhere. They reported a card being turned in but couldn’t find it. I don’t know why they didn’t just look me up in their system, I was a guest at Disney for the week. I had to cancel and get a new one. THREE MONTHS later they call me and ask if I want my card, that it had been in the safe since the night it was found. I was so mad, but I cant’ really blame them.

  14. I’ve read the comments left by everyone here. You can’t blame Disney if no body turned in an item to Lost & Found. People do steal stuff while you’re in the parks. I left my favorite hat & a pair of cheap sunglasses in the basket of my scooter and after getting off a ride they were gone.

  15. We had just bought an Elsa Magic Band for our 3yo daughter before we ate at Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom. It was shortly afterwards we discovered our daughter lost it in the restaurant. We called Lost and Found and filled out an online description of what we lost, time and location, with very little hope it would be returned to us. Within 3 days it was and it made our little Princess so happy to get it back. She’s turning 6 next month and she’ll be wearing the same Magic Band when we celebrate in WDW.

  16. My daughter left a drawstring bag on Winnie the Pooh which also had her lanyard Covered with all of her pins on it! We kept checking with list and found and finally, several days later, it was returned to us!

  17. My daughter left a drawstring bag on Winnie the Pooh which also had her lanyard Covered with all of her pins on it! We kept checking with list and found and finally, several days later, it was returned to us!

  18. My daughter lost a bag because Mom dropped it. My daughter was heartbroken!!I filled out a lost and found form knowing I would never get it back. About 2 weeks later we’re received the bag and all contents in the mail.

  19. Lost my license, annual pass and a gift card while riding thunder mountain. I realized right away and checked the train but it actually flew out of my pocket. I filed a claim at guest services right away and checked back the following day. They walk the tracks every night. Found my license and my gift card and was able to issue me a new AP. I was so so grateful!

  20. I have to say that my recent experience was a huge disappointment. I lost my cane on the ride at Haunted Mansion. I could have retrieved it myself if they would have let me use their grabber. It’s been months now and my cane has not been returned, after telling them the precise place in the ride where they could find my cane.

    To answer the question of how we got along without it, Disney loaned us a wheel chair. The worst part was my poor daughter had to push me for the rest of the day. Luckily, it was the last day in the park.

    I would have to say I’m not impressed with Disney’s Lost and Found system.

    1. We had the complete opposite experience. Same exact thing happened, my FIL dropped his cane in the graveyard scene on Haunted Mansion. When we got off the ride, he notified a cast member and they went up to look for it. It took about 20+ minutes, but they came back with the cane in hand. So we had a very good experience. Guess it’s luck if they actually can find the item on the ride or not. Sorry you never got your cane back. :o(

  21. My husband lost his prescription sunglasses in the Hall of Presidents, we couldn’t find them anywhere but some kind person turned them and Disney mailed them to us!

  22. My little 2 year old boy was so eager for a big pirate-type hat with his name embroidered across the front. It’s all he spoke about. We paid too much money for it. He was so happy with it. He put it down on a bench while we sat down to get something out of his stroller. We continued walking & quickly realized he forgot his hat. Rushed back to the bench but it was gone. Needless to say, we spent the day looking for it. Went to Lost & Found several times, left all our contact information, but NOTHING!! He cried that entire day & many days after. We had to wait to save money to go back & buy him another, but they no longer had the same style. He settled for another one. His name is extremely unique, have never met anyone else with it…so why pick up something that doesn’t belong to you & that no one else can wear? Lost & Found did not come through for us…sadly!

  23. My daughter left her favorite stuffed animal when we checked out of PO French Quarter. I called when we realized and they sent it to her I in the mail week or so later. I was so grateful!

  24. My daughter lost her absolute favorite comfort item when we there a couple years ago. She was only 2.5. I still feel terrible about it to this day. She wanted to bring it to Magic Kingdom and we told her no. My husband put it in the suitcase but I guess she took it out? 14 hours later, we’re getting in the car to go home and she’s asking for “gwankie”. Gwankie is totally lost. We went back to the hotel, talked to a manager, called and emailed back a few times, called the laundry room daily, but never got it back. We got super lucky and randomly found one exactly the same for sale on eBay. We had to ship it in from the UK! We told her that it was so clean because Cinderella washed it for her and then Mickey sent it back. RIP original gwankie.

  25. My daughter dropped her car keys while in a ride six years ago. We knew the general spot, reported it and checked with lost and found a few times while we were there. We never got them back. Got rid of the car last August. Would be funny if they showed up now!

  26. Years ago when they would take your luggage to the airport, they kept my drivers license. I didn’t realize it until I was at the airport. Lucky I was with my family and TSA let me fly home. I called when I got home several times and was told they didn’t have it. I went to the DMV and got a replacement. About a month later it showed up in the mail from Disney with a note telling me that Luggage services had found it.

  27. I lost my husband’s prescription sunglasses in the Magic Kingdom. I went to the lost and found in Disney Springs and described them to the person on duty and she offered to search for them. Since i had a picture, we came back the next day and she had found them!! What great people work in the parks!

  28. Lost my brand new phone on the buzz lightyear ride. It was the last ride before we had to catch bus to the airport. It fell out of my pocket. I heard it hit but thought it was just under the ride, I was wrong. They could see the phone down in the ride but of course couldn’t stop it. They promised me they would get it out. After contacting lost and found and a week of stress my phone came in the mail a week later. It was in perfect condition. The lost and found department was great. They kept on contact with me the whole week

  29. Yes! Lost my eyeglasses on test track when taking my seatbelt off I saw it slide down the hood of the car and right into the center middle section. I called for weeks and they told me they only will look when someone can go under the tracks because of all the electrical wires. Finally weeks later I call and they said they had them only to mail me the wrong pair of eyeglasses. I called and I mailed them back. They sent me another wrong pair. I guess black eyeglasses are common. On the 3rd try they sent me my prescription glasses. I was over the moon thrilled from all their effort!

  30. Kicked my cane out in shock in Haunted Mansion years ago when someone decided flash photography of Madam Leota was a good idea. It was a hand-carved cane, distinctive. Never got it back despite calling repeatedly.

    Late 2019, lost a silver ring splint in Cosmic Ray’s. Submitted their online report. Closed 48 hours later, nothing found, I’m out nearly $100 and yet ANOTHER medical device. No way to file any sort of monetary claim/medical loss.

    Disney Lost and Found does not care. And they never will.

    1. Did you read? Literally thousands of items. Disney prides itself on meeting patrons needs. Unfortunately people are human and can’t do everything 100%. Sorry for your loss but I’m sure they tried

  31. I lost a hat at Splash Mountain and reported it to Lost and Found. A week later I got it back in the mail from Disneyworld. Kudos to Lost and Found