10 Times Baby Yoda Was So Cute I Cried

Baby Yoda (AKA The Child) is an absolute phenomenon. From the moment he appeared on Disney+, he became an internet sensation and with good reason.

The Child ©Lucasfilm

What is that reason? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s because he is, without a doubt, the cutest ever. You can’t argue with the facts. We figured that it would be a good idea to compile a list of all of the times that he was so cute, it brought us to tears — you know, for science.

Here are 10 times Baby Yoda was so cute I cried!

Beware! The following list does contain spoilers for season 1 of The Mandalorian. If you haven’t finished it yet, go watch it! What are you doing reading this?

Episode 1: The Reveal

First off, we have the reveal of Baby Yoda. I never believed in love at first sight until that little hand-pulled his blanket down and revealed the positively cherubic visage hidden beneath,

The cuteness is shocking! ©Disney

Episode 2: Catching Frogs

Not too much later, we see The Child attempting (and succeeding) to catch a space frog while Mando converses with Kuiil. This is the first time we see Mando start to embrace his total dad-ness, which makes this moment even better.

Spit that out! ©Disney

Episode 2: The Force Save

Tears were rollin’ when Baby Yoda used the Force for the first time. Between the shock of his abilities and his willingness to save Mando from danger, this little guy is seriously pulling on the heartstrings.

This show would be over with you, Baby Yoda. ©Disney

Episode 3: Playing on the Ship

Mando’s back in dad-mode as The Child attempts to play with part of the lever on his ship. Why can’t you just let him play with it, Mando? Look at that face!

It’s not a toy, Baby Yoda. ©Disney

Episode 4: Sipping Soup

My personal favorite Baby Yoda moment is when he interrupts Mando and Cara’s fight with his little cup of soup. Of course they stop fighting, The Child is basically a universal harbinger of peace.

This is my lock screen. ©Disney

Episode 4: Playing with the Kids

I’m still crying from when Baby Yoda made a bunch of friends in the village. He’s so popular!

He’s so popular! ©Disney

Episode 4: Saying Goodbye

Which made it even worse when he had to leave all of his new friends behind. Do you see how sad he is? Look at those down-turned ears!

Don’t make him go! ©Disney

Episode 5: Getting Picked Up

After having to move away from all his friends, Baby Yoda needs a pick-me-up and who better to go to than Amy Sedaris. Peli has about the same reaction I would (minus some tears) if I saw that little angel waddling down the ramp towards me with his arms up.

He deserves to be lifted. ©Disney

Episode 7: Healing Powers

Not only is Baby Yoda sweet and perfect in every way, but he also has immense power! Just ask Greef Karga. He certainly wouldn’t be alive if The Child hadn’t put his adorable little hands on him.

We don’t even like this guy! Baby Yoda, you’re too good. ©Disney

Episode 8: In a Bag

Baby Yoda spends most of the season finale in a bag which, honestly, is genius. It’s like a build-your-own baby backpack. I’m still freaking out about this. He’s so comfy and so portable — perfect for IG-11 to carry him around in!

I’ll have one Baby Yoda to go, please. ©Disney

Episode 8: Magic Hand Thing

Last but certainly not least in the “magic hand thing” moment. Greef implores Baby Yoda to “do the magic hand thing.” Of course, the little one doesn’t know what that means so he just waves back. He waves back! Adorable!

Come on Baby! Do the magic hand thing! ©Disney

Which Baby Yoda moment did you think was the cutest? Let us know in the comments! 

We also contemplated Baby Yoda’s cuteness compared to Baby Groot’s cuteness. See who won (spoiler: we all did).

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