Come Sail Away with Minnie with this Disney Cruise Line Exclusive Collection

How dare she?! The sailor aesthetic is clearly Donald Duck’s thing and now Minnie is muscling in on his territory with this new collection of nautical themed fashion, exclusive to the Disney Cruise Line!


Yes, it’s an adorable collection of dresses, fitness wear, and even drinkware, but this is duck erasure and I will not stand for it! 😉

The highlight of this collection is a matching pair of mother and daughter sailor dresses.

Donald wore it better. Hmph. ©Disney

They feature a classic nautical design that’s reminiscent of some Japanese school uniforms, with an added anchor motif on the dress. They’re both based on the sailor dress Minnie wears in the artwork for the collection.

Because, you know. She’s the first Disney character to ever wear a sailor outfit. Obviously.

I’m just saying, if this were a Donald Duck collection they wouldn’t need to worry about pants.

The other entries in the collection are less blatantly ripped off from my favorite duck, featuring nautical motifs with touches of rose gold.

It’s really cute, I’ll admit, but it’s no Donald Duck. ©Disney

We’ve got T-Shirts, Ruffled Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Loungefly Backpacks, Baseball Caps, and the obligatory Mouse Ears.

Wait, I spot Donald’s hat in the background of this one! It’s officially my favorite picture now. ©Disney

There’s also a fitness wear line so you can look fabulous while you jog around the ship… but not as fabulous as if this were a Donald Duck collection.


Finally, you can get some cute drinkware, a sparkly bag, keychains, notebooks, and more. Because it’s not Disney if they don’t plaster the design on literally everything! (Note: we are absolutely fine with this.)

Come on Minnie! You’re on like, everything already! Let the duck have some fun!

This tragically duck-free collection is available on the Disney Cruise fleet right now, with select pieces coming to later this year.

Which is your favorite? Do you share my mock-outrage over the lack of Donald Duck merchandise? Let us know in the comments! Bon Voyage!

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