Cast Members Can Now Choose Disney+ Bundle Over Main Entrance Pass Beginning in 2020

The Main Entrance Pass has long been a coveted bonus of being a Cast Member.

A new option is being offered to Cast Members beginning in 2020.

Cast Members can now choose between receiving their Main Entrance Pass benefit OR a free Disney+ Bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+. A Main Entrance Pass allows Cast Members to bring friends and family into the park for free most days of the year, with the exception of blockout dates.

This new option will allow Cast Members to opt for a free Disney+ bundle instead of the Main Entrance Pass. Cast Members still will be able to visit the park themselves for free, but if they choose the Disney+ bundle, they will no longer be able to bring along friends and family members for free.

Which option would you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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5 Replies to “Cast Members Can Now Choose Disney+ Bundle Over Main Entrance Pass Beginning in 2020”

  1. Why would they choose Disney+ over free park admission for family and friends?? Sounds like they’re trying to eventually phase out that perk for their employees. Hope I’m wrong about that!

  2. Well considering that a prepaid annual subscription to Disney+ can be had for $69.99 I think you would be a fool to take that up. One of your cast member friends and family would gladly pay your subscription for some free passes.

  3. Let’s see here. Take the free pass and keep all of my freeloading friends and family happy, or take the Disney + bundle and live the rest of my life as a lonely recluse. As Ursula says, “life’s full of thought choices sweetie.”

  4. Seems like a no-brainer, unless you don’t have any family or friends. You can pay for a year of Disney+ for the price of a couple days of park admission. And what’s the point of befriending a cast member if you can’t score free park admission?