You’ll Have to Pay for that FuelRod Swap in Disney Parks Soon!

Price hikes are happening left and right at Disney. It feels like almost everything is getting more expensive.

Magic Kingdom

From park tickets and annual passes, to Mickey and Minnie ears, we’ve seen increased prices on a lot of Disney services and merchandise. Now, the price has gone up on a favorite park utility — FuelRods.

We’ve seen FuelRods pop up in Disney Parks in the last few years (you can also find them in airports, malls, etc.). They make for a super useful tool when you’re spending long days away from a plug.

The service works with an initial purchase of the $30 FuelRod and accompanying charging cords in the parks. When your FuelRod runs out, you find a nearby machine and exchange it for a new one. That way, your phone stays charged all day long.

Fuel Rod Station

Swapping to a new FuelRod has been free but that’s going to change this November. We’ve spotted this new sticker on FuelRod kiosks in Disney Parks that warns users that swaps will soon cost $3.

Increase Sticker

According to FuelRod, this price increase is happening at Disney Parks and in many airports, so there may be some kiosks where you could still swap for free. Still, it looks like FuelRod is about to get a lot pricier in the Disney Parks.

Free to $3 is a big jump. Will you be using FuelRod with this price increase? Tell us in the comments!

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10 Replies to “You’ll Have to Pay for that FuelRod Swap in Disney Parks Soon!”

  1. No. They were convenient and I didn’t mind the initial price, but I’ll just bring my own if I’m having to pay to swap. It also means instead of a quick swap, you have to put your credit card or magic band in to do the transaction which will take longer.

  2. Not sure what Allears finds so controversial or inappropriate about posting that you can purchase a portable charger with twice the power for half the price. And it’s all yours after you leave the parks. But, here goes again.

  3. Be smart folks, buy the charger battery on sale… only need a few hours and take it with you…..Tell Disney to stuff it!

  4. Another reason I just bring my own. We have one that I’ll admit is pretty big(size of a smaller book) but it can charge multiple phones at a time a is amazing at keeping a charge even when using it . We’ll just stick with that .

  5. FuelRods are horrible battery packs, there’s so many bigger and better options out there for the same price that can charge your phone more times and faster.

    While I understand the convenience of being able to “swap” for a full rod, if you think about it, for the same price, you can get a pack that will charge your phone 3+ times and it’s just slightly bigger.

    These were a cute idea, but anyone that actually plans their trips to WDW should know these are not useful.

  6. I have used FuelRods for a few years now, but I won’t pay for swaps. (*Maybe* I would have paid a dollar.)

    The problem is that they haven’t kept up with the times. When I first started using them, one swap would get me close to a full recharge. Last trip (earlier this month) it was about a third, because modern devices have a much larger battery capacity. I had already gone to carrying two other batteries in my park pack (three in my party have phones we use extensively for photography and replanning on-the-fly), so I’ll drop the FuelRod and add a third battery.

  7. I was initially going to use Fuel Rods on my first disney world trip but now I’m going to just purchase my own lipstick chargers to charge overnight. 3 lipstick chargers costs the same as one fuel rod so why not.

    1. That may not be an apples to apples comparison. You would need to look at the mAh capacity of each device. That capacity ultimately determines the charging power and life.

  8. Can we go back to the days when vending machines just gave you a cool commemorative penny and not a devise to keep you on your phone even longer while in the parks? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course we can’t. Cause if we could I’d also go back to the days before fast pass, advance dining reservations, meal plan, My Disney App, character meet and greets, year round crowds, DVC, extra magic hours, expiring tickets, park hopper, …………….