Disney World Announces Annual Passholder Price Increases Effective Today 6/18/19

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders — be prepared, your Annual Pass will cost more when it’s time to renew your pass. Price increases were announced and are effective today, June 18, 2019.

The price increases are for the General Public as well as Florida Resident and Disney Vacation Club Member Annual Pass programs.

Disney World General Public Annual Pass Price Increases 6/18/2019

  • Disney Platinum Plus Pass: $1219.00 (from $994.00)
    • Disney Platinum Plus Pass Renewal: $1036.00
  • Disney Platinum Pass: $1,119.00 (from $894.00)
    • Disney Platinum Pass Renewal: $951.00

Disney World Florida Resident Annual Pass Price Increases 6/18/2019

  • FL Resident Platinum Plus Annual Pass: $999.00 (from $849.00)
    • FL Resident Platinum Plus Annual Pass Renewal: $849.00
  • FL Resident Platinum Annual Pass: $899.00 (from $749.00)
    • FL Resident Platinum Annual Pass Renewal: $764.00
  • FL Resident Gold Annual Pass: $699.00 (from $609.00)
    • FL Resident Gold Annual Pass Renewal: $594.00
  • FL Resident Silver Annual Pass: $519.00 (from $479.00)
  • FL Resident Theme Park Select Pass: $439.00 (No Increase)
    • FL Resident Theme Park Select Pass Renewal: $373.00
  • FL Resident Weekday Select Annual Pass: $349.00 (from $319.00)
    • FL Resident Weekday Select Annual Pass Renewal: $271.00
  • Epcot After 4 Annual Pass: $309.00 (from $289.00)
    • Epcot After 4 Annual Pass Renewal: $245.00

Disney World Disney Vacation Club Annual Pass Price Increases 6/18/2019

  • DVC Resident Platinum Plus Annual Pass: $999.00 (from $849.00)
    • DVC Resident Platinum Plus Annual Pass Renewal: $849.00
  • DVC Resident Platinum Annual Pass: $899.00 (from $749.00)
    • DVC Resident Platinum Annual Pass Renewal: $764.00
  • DVC Gold Annual Pass: $699.00 (from $609.00)
    • DVC Gold Annual Pass Renewal: $594.00

When renewing Annual Passes a discount is generally offered within a certain time period around your pass expiration date. Be sure to check with Disney on renewal offers prior to your pass expiration date.

Are you a Disney World Annual Passholder? What do you think of the price increases? Are they justified with the new lands, rides, and park transformations coming to the parks or not? Let us know in the comments.

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15 Replies to “Disney World Announces Annual Passholder Price Increases Effective Today 6/18/19”

  1. GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY! Disney should be ashamed. I think Walt must be turning in his grave. I am a shareholder(very small) Florida Resident Annual passholder (I downgraded this year) member of a Disney fan club at our community (more and more of our monthly outings are outside the theme parks as a result of the increased prices) and totally disappointed in the crowds, inability to get fast passes, increased prices of everything Disney, and the incredibly disrespectful attitude of many of the cast members who are supposed to be helping guests. Shame on Disney. I used to love going to the parks, now I dread it starting with the mess in most of the parking lots.

  2. I received an email that Sam’s Club was still selling Platinum & Platinum Plus passes at the old price, yesterday & today. If you are a member of Sam’s Club or Tickets At Work, I am pretty sure they still have the passes available. I used my daughter’s Sam’s Club membership & was able to purchase the Platinum Pass for $924.28 with tax! They will sell them at the old price, until sold out. So if you need a pass & have access to Sam’s Club or Tickets At Work, grab them while you can & save a bunch of money! So glad I did! I would not have paid the new price! These vouchers do not expire until December 2030 so you can buy them & hold onto them for the future! Hope I could help some folks save some money!

  3. I suspect that Disney has rooms full of mathematicians and psychologists who do nothing but run algorithms to predict how much can be charged for all things Disney before net revenue or margin begins to decline. Today we are more laboratory rats than guests. Pizzarizzo, anyone?

  4. Disney management just took the starring role in the new Villains Show and the motive is GREED. Disney Platinum Pass goes from $894.00 to $1119.00 an increase of 25%. Chip and Dale will have to look elsewhere for DisneyNuts.

  5. I have been an annual passholder for 30 years,This will be my last visit to Disney.I know its a business and they need to make a profit however they wont be getting anymore of my cash.I used to go to Disney at least 4 times a year and spend plenty of money,I would consider myself a Disney nut but even nuts crack. Good luck Disney.

  6. I was going to go to Disney twice in the next year, they just made it easier to not get an annual passes and spend more time at universal. I guess Disney feels they have too many visitors. On the bright side, I have not been to universal yet, so I’m excited to go there. Had been thinking DVC, but now that’s starting to make less sense too. Thanks Disney.

  7. What were all the other price increases paying for? Iger? Shanghai?
    We’ve seen abundance of increases. This last one is not only excessive but seems punitive. Is Disney weeding out the undesirables to save room for the elites? Igerworld!

    1. Iger I say. Wasn’t his pay increase 80 percent this year. I guy has to live.

      That’s sarcasm.

      That was a big jump in prices again. I’m glad we renewed last week.

  8. Yep, Disney is hitting the point of pricing themselves out of guests! Especially when they are giving the perks that used to be for on property guests (60 day FP window, EMH) to off property hotels. And charging for things that used to be included (resort guest parking). Put in the huge lines and crowds, the removal of live shows (Off Kilter was my favorite!!!!) and shorter park hours due to separate ticketed events and people are not going to pay these prices to go on fewer rides per day, see less entertainment, get booted out early, and fight huge crowds!

    1. “ huge lines” and “huge crowds” don’t exactly lead one to conclude they are pricing themselves out of customers. Quite the opposite. Disney addicts are a plenty and will pay whatever Disney wants to charge.

      1. No, I don’t think so. Even for die-hard Disney fans there is a point when they will stop paying such high prices. For many it will be because they simply can no longer afford to pay these prices but for others it will be because the experience is no longer worth such high prices. And some charges are just too much….resort hotel parking fees. With the rates at all Disney resorts an added parking fee just seems excessive.

    2. I totally agree on all counts. Off Kilter was our favourite as well. It has never been the same since. With these new prices it is getting easier and easier to say that enough is enough.

  9. Happy birthday to me! I am reconsidering my annual vacation at Disney this year. They are really making it hard, this is two increases in less than a year!

  10. Is Disney trying to price the average consumer out of purchasing an annual pass? I used to justify it knowing I was going a couple of times a year and would get a discount if I wanted to stay on property but now I’m not sure it’s doable. If it’s because of the new Stars Wars stuff….no thanks.

  11. I had considered using my DVC discount to purchase a Gold pass to take advantage of the “bring a friend” promo. Since the increase today, I’ll be staying at DVC resort but traveling to Universal and the beach.