Make Your Voice Heard — Write an AllEars Review of Disney Rides, Resorts, Restaurants, & More!

You know AllEars is all about helping you make the most of your Disney Parks vacations and staying on top of breaking Disney news, but did you know we also have a ton of reader reviews that you can browse — and contribute to yourself?

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That’s right: search for reviews of attractions, Resorts, restaurants, tours, technology, transportation, and more! And they’re all written by readers and Disney Parks fans like you.

You can even review Disney buses!

And if you want to share your experiences, you can leave a review, too! All you need to do is create an AllEars profile, head to our Reviews main page, find the experience you want to review, and then share ALL of your opinions!

Still sour about Soarin’ Around the World replacing Soarin’ Over California? Leave a review! Craving Via Napoli pizza even though you haven’t had it for a year? Leave a review? Think everyone should know what you think about Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? Leave a review!

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Seriously, the options are nearly endless, and the more reviews our fabulous readers leave, the more useful we can be for all of you. And here’s an AllEars tip: once you get to our Reviews main page, use the left sidebar to search by category! 

Happy reviewing!

Have you written an AllEars review or read some from your fellow readers? We love hearing from you — so review, review, review! 

Sarah is a former high school English teacher, mom of three, and a (nearly) life-long writer. She's worked with since 2018 and loves sharing the Disney magic with readers.

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One Reply to “Make Your Voice Heard — Write an AllEars Review of Disney Rides, Resorts, Restaurants, & More!”

  1. i had gone on the keys to the kingdom tour back in early november 2019 and the CM RAE was making sure that i was keeping up with the tour group since i was using a scooter while i was there. along with learning all kinds of cool things about the behind the scenes that go along withe magic kingdom. when it came to seeing part of the ulitadors on the first floor in magic kingdom, rae made sure that i got to use the elevators in certain parts of the tour that i needed to use instead of the stairs that the rest of the tour group had to use. she was such a nice person…