New Details on Character Interaction and Meet and Greets in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We’ve learned and written about the new level of interactivity you can experience in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge over the past few months. Now, we’ve learned a little more about experiences, meet and greets, and character activities that will be tied to the Play Disney Parks app and the interactivity of the land.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Concept Art ©Disney

A recent article by Blooloop revealed some new details on the land’s interactivity.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Character Interactions and Meet and Greets

When we visit Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu we’ll encounter both animatronic characters and live, walk-around characters. It has been revealed that Hondo Ohnaka and Dok-Ondar will be animatronics. We’ve learned rebel spy Vi Moradi and bounty hunter Harko will be live characters that interact with visitors to the land.

Weequay Smuggler Hondo Ohnaka

Traditional, sometimes awkward or forced character Meet and Greets will be a thing of the past in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Imagineering portfolio creative executive Scott Trowbridge told Blooloop: “To the extent that we can, we’re avoiding the trope of the meet-and-greet and really leaning towards engaging with characters in a way that makes sense for the story you decided you want to have.”

You may encounter a rebel spy as they approach you for help, a bartender may tell you that you owe Hondo credits (that you accumulate in your Play Disney Parks app) after a poor outcome on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

Other character interactions can include Savi the lightsaber-smith greeting you in a secret lightsaber workshop, and chatty astromech droids communicating with the miniature R2 units you build in Mubo’s workshop. It was previously revealed that Dok-Ondar will barter with visitors to his shop.

Dok Ondar ©Disney

Plus, our interactions with the characters will carry through on our visits, and be related to our activities in the land and the rides during our visits.

Don’t worry, if you prefer not to experience this level of interactivity or reliance on your phone or tablet during  your time in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you can opt-out of the interactivity. Disney has stated that opting out of the interactivity will not impact your level of enjoyment or experiences in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — the interactivity simply enhances the experience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when we’re talking about interactivity in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Learn more here:

Let’s discuss! What do you think of the level of interactivity in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Is this your cup of Blue Milk or not? Will you be opting in or out when you visit the land? Let us know in the comments.

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