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DEB UPDATES: 9/10/17 9:45am

Greetings All,

This week has been filled with Hurricane Irma prep work. It feels like we have been prepping for weeks and now it is here. Linda and I decided to stay in our home. We did not make that decision lightly. We have prep kits and bug out carryons and a safe room.

A number of our friends are NOT on Facebook (can you believe it?) so I’m writing here for them.

We thank everyone who has contacted us and sent prayers, pixie dust, and well wishes.

The AllEars Data Center is located in Atlanta. Hopefully the website will remain safely online.

Several AllEars Team Members are in the Orlando area and decided to stay in their homes: Kristin Ford, Jack Marshall, and ourselves. Scott Thomas flew to Orlando to be with his daughter and her family especially his grandson.

Thank you Laura Gilbreath who is minding the website and will get the newsletter out on Tuesday.

Right now we are experiencing rain and light winds. It will get worse before it gets better but we are prepared and will get through this.

We have been told that at some point today go to the safe room and stay there until the worse is over. We have been told we will lose power at some point. We have been told that there may be tornado warnings. Those have already been reported further south.

For those of you not on Twitter or Facebook, this is what I shared yesterday: I’ve had many adventures in my life cancer diabetes world travel Disney but nothing prepared me for Irma. Our decision to stay did not come lightly. Wish Florida well. Love, peace…..

This is the local weather station we trust!


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2 Replies to “My Hurricane Irma Updates”

  1. we returned from wdw on Wednesday morning. Thank you for directing us to the use of Orlando magic dining during our research for this wdw stay. Our hope and prayers are with you and your friends. Thank you for all you have done for mouse fans all over the world with your website. God’s blessings on you.