Luxo Jr.

Now appearing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Luxo Jr.

Every 15-20 minutes, Luxo Jr., the dancing lamp from the Pixar movies, makes an appearance across the street from Toy Story Mania. Perched on a stage above the crowd, this cute little fellow dances to a variety of tunes for about two and a half minutes. The passing crowd comes to a standstill as this new design in outdoor entertainment performs his act.

Is Luxo Jr. worth seeing? Sure, especially if you’re in the area or standing in the outdoor queue for Toy Story Mania. He’s charming and unique. But I’m not sure I’d make a special trip to Pixar Place just to see him. But since everyone passes this way at least once during their visit, why not take a break while you’re in this area and kill a few minutes until he makes an appearance?

Luxo Jr. is another fine example of the many details that make Disney parks so wonderful.

By the way, Luxo Jr. is much taller in person than he is in the movies. 😉

I shot a video of his performance. The sound is “live” so there is a lot of background noise, but I think you can still make out the music.


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7 Replies to “Luxo Jr.”

  1. What a great find! It’s in the perfect place, too, because the Toy Story Mania line is a tad bland outdoors. I’m intrigued as to how Luxo Jr. walks around. I hope he’s back in action when I visit the Studios later this month!

  2. Great News! Luxo has once again begun making appearances while they have been testing the new improvements. There has been no schedule based on his appearances as of yet, but will keep you all updated…

    P.S. I also heard that with the release of UP, Disney plans on releasing a real Luxo lamp that can be purchased with UP.

  3. Awww how cute! We just got back from our trip August 22-Sept 1st. We did not see that, don’t know if we were there before or after the performance, but sadly we missed it. I hope they are able to get it back in the running and we are able to see it for our next trip, next year! Hurry Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just to give you all a heads up, I work at the Studios and Luxo is no longer operating. Imagineers are going back to the drawing boards to work on many of the technical issues that plagued the operation of Luxo. There has been no timeline set, but we all hope to see him back out soon!

  5. That is just too adorable and I can’t wait to see him in person. Thanks for always reporting such wonderful details about the parks. Knowing these details always adds so much to each visit

  6. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We are getting to come back in December and we can’t miss this. My 5yr. old son immitates him every time we watch a pixar movie. I enjoy reading all of your blogs.