Kidani Village — Pembe Savanna

The six-acre Pembe Savanna which surrounds the north wing of Kidani Village at the Animal Kingdom Lodge opened today (September 1). I was on hand to check things out. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report as there isn’t anything “new” that I didn’t already cover in my Kidani Village blogs. You see, for the most part, this new savanna can only be viewed from the rooms of the north wing. The one exception can be found in the pool area. Next to the Maji Bar, tables now overlook a small section of this animal habitat. This makes for a fantastic place to enjoy a cool drink in the evening.

Maji Bar

Maji Bar

Maji Bar

Disney has also created a small viewing area near the Maji Bar where you’ll find a knowledgeable cast member who can answer questions about the various animals.

Pembe Overlook

The savanna is populated with okapis, a typically shy animal closely related to the giraffe. You’ll also find red river hogs, impala, waterbuck, blue cranes, and spur-winged geese.

Since I visited Kidani Village around 9:30am, most of the animals were backstage attending their daily check-up with the vets and caretakers. Because of that, I don’t have any animal pictures to share with you. But to make up for this, I created a short video that highlights the public spaces of Kidani Village. I hope you enjoy it.

Read Disney’s Official Press Release on the Opening of Pembe!

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18 Replies to “Kidani Village — Pembe Savanna”

  1. Jack,
    My family and I have a vacation planned for early November and we are staying at the Lodge and have a Savannah view room reserved. I cannot get an answer from anyone at the hotel as to where exactly our room is going to be, as according to a PDF map of the hotel grounds, there are 3 different Savannah views. I was told that I could request one specifically. Which do you recommend? Our daughter will be turning 4 on our first full day of vacation. We are Disneyworld virgins and, the more research we do before we leave, the more I feel as if I know nothing and am not prepared for our time there. We are going to be at the resort for 3 days and then a 4 day cruise. Any advice you could give would be most helpful and appreciated.
    Thank you for that great video BTW.
    LeAnne Wright
    Hercules, Ca

    Jack’s Answer:

    All three of the savannahs offer similar animals and views. I really don’t think that one is better than another. Disney tried hard to make sure everyone would be happy. So I wouldn’t put too much energy into worrying about this.

    There is so much to learn and know about Disney World that I can’t possibly begin to help you here. But I will give you one piece of advice. There are four theme parks, two water parks, a shopping district, and more at Disney World. You only have three days. Think of this trip as a sampler. You’re just going to get a taste of all there is to offer. It would take at least seven days to see it all.

    If I were you, I would pick three theme parks only. Then spend the entire day at only that one park. Other people will tell you to “park hop” so you can see more. Park hopping is time consuming and tiring. A vacation is supposed to be fun. Since you already know you can’t do it all, don’t try. Slow down and relax.

  2. My family and I just recently stayed at Kidani (Aug 31- Sept 7) in a 2 bedroom Savanah view villa and it was great! The unit was very spacious. We were on the 3rd floow and the view was awesome. My 9 year old son loved looking at all the animals both morning and evening.

  3. Jack:
    Great pictures so we know what is available. I agree however with Jerry that Disney messed up by not having any counter service available. It is quite a distance to Animal Kingdom Lodge to find counter service and will be quite a pain. Any help you can give us to let DVC know that we need a counter service option at our new “home” would be appreciated. I will be there in November without a car and will be spending a lot of time on buses looking for counter services. Otherwise I will be cooking and that means no $ for Disney if I am not buying their food. Thanks again!

  4. That video of Kidani Village was excellent. I have not had a chance to visit, but your video showed me everything I wanted to see. This is the only video where I was able to see the interactive pool area. I am definitely going to book a reservation to stay here. Please share more videos soon.

  5. Hey Jack,

    Thanks for all of your hard work. You really don’t know just how much it is appreciated. You have made my day with your work. God bless and keep it up!

    “The Disney Fanatic”

  6. That was lovely, Jack! Thank you!

    We’ll be staying at Kidani Village next month and your video(s) have truly been exciting to watch.

  7. We visited Kidani in July and loved it. However, there was one little problem. FOOD! Can you use your influence as DVC guy to lobby for it. It would make money for disney and improve the experience. One in my party drove to Earl of sandwich. A quick grab and go place for pastry (breakfast), and sandwich (lunch), etc would be perfect and profitable. The Maji pool bar requires 2 hours and gets its orders one by one from the lodge.

  8. Hiya Jack!

    Thanks for the update! I can’t wait to stay for 2 weeks this month (25th)!!! Now that I can see the pool area better and how the rooms are situated – I need to request a room that has the least view of ‘civilization’ LOL! I picked this hotel for the ambiance and I really hope I feel like Africa when I get there!

    Does the Pembe Savanna have the other animals as well as the new ones?


    Jack’s Answer (sort of):

    I can’t give you a definitive answer to your question, but I don’t think there are any barriers between the two savannas so all of the animals should be free to roam about at will — but I can’t swear to this.

  9. Thanks for the update and wonderful video, Jack! I’m wondering what they did around the hot tub – does the hot tub now overlook the Pembe Savannah with that same open fencing? Now that would be heaven! Can’t wait to return to Kidani!

    Jack’s Answer:

    There are two hot tubs at the pool. One is near the savanna, and it does have open fencing next to it. However, the area directly next to the hot tub is just an open area (not part of the savanna) and animals would not be in this general vicinity. So sorry.

  10. Hi!
    Love seeing the videos.
    What kind of camcorder do you use?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I use a JVC Everio High Definition camera. However, what sets my videos apart from others is the lens that I use. Most video cameras have a very narrow field of vision. I use a 0.45xxx wide angle lens with my camera. This gives me a much larger, more encompassing picture.

  11. Hi Jack, Thanks again for the great video. We bought into the Kidani Village and looking forward to our visit next year. Also we want to thank you for your walking tours. We just got back from the World. While in Japan we took our time and really saw things that I usually bypass. Plus my daughter got a surprise when the candy lady picked her to have a piece made. Also i asked you if they have any Ponyo products, the answer is No. But we got another pearl instead. Thanks again

    Jack’s Comment:

    Just of the record, Mike Bachand (aka DizneyMike), is writing the walking tours of Epcot.

  12. Hi Jack. Thanks for the video! Two and half months until I’ll be there. Do you beleive I tried to make dinner reservations at Sanaa for the time I am there (11/15-11/23) and nothing was available. I didn’t start calling until Aug. 20th, my bad! I booked instead at Jiko and Boma. I wonder the chances of getting an on the spot reservation during my time there at Sanaa? Anywa, have a great Labor Day weekend!


  13. When I first glanced at your picture of the
    Mija I immediately went to Muddy Rivers at
    Port Riverside pool bar. They too have the rocking chairs. Though the shape of Mija is a bit different it has the same overall look as Muddy Rivers.

  14. Jack – that was a beautiful video and wonderful music. Thank you so much for sharing the treasures of Kidani Village with us. We’ll be there in mid-November and can’t wait to see everything in person. What a gorgeous resort!

  15. Jack: Love you and your videos! Another great job, as usual. By the way, what is that haunting music in the video? Know that your hard work is much appreciated! Keep them coming, please.


    Jack’s Answer:

    The music is called “Oasis Dawn Rising” and is from the “Animal Kingdom” CD available for sale at the park.