What’s New, What’s Next at Downtown Disney

Debra Martin Koma
Senior Editor

I recently had the chance to chat with Kristi Koester, a manager of WDW Product Marketing, and we talked about what’s going on with the Downtown Disney area. While there was a lot she couldn’t talk about, because it’s still in the planning stages, there were a few things she COULD reveal. Plus we had the chance to talk more at length about some plans that have already been announced.

kristi.jpg “When the night clubs closed on Pleasure Island (on September 28), we announced a complete transformation, not only of Pleasure Island, but of the whole Downtown Disney area,” Koester says. “Over the past few months we have been working with Imagineers and many others to finalize this vision we have of making the area Disney’s dining, shopping and entertainment metropolis.”

Some of the changes to the area we’re already seeing, she notes, pointing to the fall 2008 opening of T-Rex and the recent opening of the Design-A-Tee shop at the Marketplace. On the horizon is TrenD (pronounced trend-dee), an upscale, hip Disney fashion boutique, located on the site of the former Summer Sands in the marketplace, due to open in late March. And soon after that there will be a new, as-yet-unnamed restaurant with a Central and South American theme.

E-Brands Restaurants, based in Orlando, is the name behind the new restaurant, and the company already operates a number of high-concept eateries around the country, including Timpano Chophouse and Martini Bar, AquaKnox ( seafood), and David Burke (Modern American cuisine in Las Vegas). Nonetheless, Koester claims that this particular restaurant’s concept is new to E-Brands, and will add to the mix of the Downtown Disney area, which she says is evolving from “night clubs” to “night life.”

The new restaurant, which is slated to open later this year with a wine bar and a tequila bar, will also feature an impressive view of the waterfront.

“That’s been one of the issues at Downtown Disney,” she notes, “the real estate issue. You have this prime location sitting on the water and it was blockaded by all these buildings. The area needs to be contemporized and the waterfront opened up — we’re looking at ways to maximize this asset.”

Another way Downtown Disney will “maximize this asset” is with Characters in Flight, the first Downtown Disney attraction, scheduled to open in April. This tethered balloon ride, situated in the water between Pleasure Island and West Side, is operated by the same company that runs a similar ride at Disneyland Paris. It will allow 30 participants at a time to go 300 feet off the ground and will last six minutes. The cost for the experience has not yet been set, but Koester notes that it will be quite an exhilarating ride.

“The ride will operate day and night,” she explains, adding that the balloon will be illuminated in the evenings. “It’s off-white, silhouetted with Disney characters, and will be quite a unique site hovering over the water at Downtown Disney.”

When asked if this type of activity along with the closing of the night clubs, signals a shift to making Downtown Disney and specifically Pleasure Island more family-oriented, Koester shakes her head.

“No, I don’t think that’s it. I think the area will have a family focus, but will also be accommodating to others, not catering to one group more than another.” She adds, “We’re looking at rounding out what we have already and bringing in the best brands from all over. Not necessarily chains, but more unique experiences, like Raglan Road. We’re looking at an array of dining possibilities, places with show kitchens, open lounges, that will appeal to everyone, not just families.”

So what about bringing some of the old night clubs back, then? Specifically the beloved Adventurers Club, which was a uniquely Disney experience.

“I can tell you for certain that the Adventurers Club as it was will not be coming back to Pleasure Island,” Koester states. “I’m afraid it will be a line in Disney history.”

As for the rest of the changes the area will be seeing, Koester says they are coming, but as Imagineers are looking at transportation and a whole host of other related issues, it’s been a challenge to develop and lock onto a finalized plan. But, she adds, there will be a succession of smaller announcements over the next 18 months to two years, as Disney reaches agreements with other partners who will open locations in the Downtown Disney area.

“As you can imagine, tough economic times like these tend to slow things down,” she notes. “But you can expect an announcement at least of the overall vision for Downtown Disney early this summer.”

Debra Martin Koma wrote about food, travel and lifestyle issues for a number of local and national publications before she fell in love with Walt Disney World on her first visit — when she was 34! She's returned to her Laughing Place more times than she can count in the ensuing years, and enthusiastically shares her passion with readers of AllEars.Net and AllEars®. Deb also co-authored (along with Deb Wills) PassPorter's Open Mouse for Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line, a travel guide designed for all travelers to Walt Disney World who may require special attention, from special diets to mobility issues.

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50 Replies to “What’s New, What’s Next at Downtown Disney”

  1. I am so sad to miss adventurers club. It sounded amazing.I agree with so many posters in that I have no desire to venture all the way out there to simply eat and Shop……I can do plenty of that in the parks! Boo Disney on removing such a beloved attraction like adventurers club 🙁

  2. Wow, I come to Orlando for business every couple of years and always loved Pleasure Island for an evening of unwinding in the clubs. I’m shocked they closed Pleasure Island and my favorite place The Adventurers Club. What a shame. Well, I guess I’ll be off to check out the Universal Citywalk. Because for adults, Pleasure Island was the only reason to go to Downtown Disney.

  3. I am in Disney right now. I am sitting at my laptop looking for something to do. My wife and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary and we were looking forward to going to the Adventurer’s Club and the Comedy Warehouse. Oh well…I guess not. What really is the reason to go to Downtown Disney? The three best restaurants down there, Fulton’s T-Rex and Portabella’s do not take my Deluxe Dining Plan, which cost $72 a DAY!!! Disneyquest stinks and nobody is ever there!!! I just do not understand this at all! If they are not going to have the West Side as a Disney place then they should just sell it.

  4. Kind of late to the party commenting here…but I love to add my 2 cents to everything, so here goes. I heard of the closures at PI a while back, but only got introduced to this site recently as part of planning my first trip down to DW in a long time.

    I am extremely disappointed by the closure of PI and, like most everyone else, the Adventurer’s Club in particular. All the other clubs, I could visit some place similar at home. There is nothing anywhere else like the AC. I echo the other sentiments that hopefully somewhere, anywhere in the World, they bring it back.

    I understand the people who say that we should just trust Disney and that every aspect of the World should always be “evolving”. But if their vision is to just add more tourist restaurants (like Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe/T-Rex, etc.) and shopping that would be a rare mistake on their part. If there is one thing they do not need more of in the World, it’s shopping and cheesy chain restaurants you find in most cities.

  5. My wife and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in 2008. We did not have our two daughters with us on this trip so we had a chance to revisit some of the places we used to go before we had kids. The second last night of our trip we almost didn’t go out after dinner because we were both tired – however, we rallied and wound up at the Adventurer’s Club – it was the best time of the whole trip. We are really let down that Disney let these doors shut. The cast there were incredibly funny and talented people – we hope they all got other gigs inside of Disney.

  6. I just got back from a trip to Disney and actually found Downtown Disney (Marketplace Side at least), very busy. I didn’t get to the West Side and only learned about this Pleasure Island news when I got back home. I think this area has a lot of potential but they definately need to keep things fresh…create more reasons for resort guests to go over there.

    Cirque Du Soleil is great and the balloon ride is a nice idea but I do think they need to add more “Disney-Like” magic to the entire complex. Where is the enterntainment in the marketplace such as characters, or street shows, etc?

    Perhaps a trolly system to hop on and off between the West Side and the Marketplace would help people “explore more”.

    Why not have a fireworks display at night over there certain nights per week?

    How about a beer garden, a tequila bar?

    What about a news stand and a coffee house?

    I think you need to market DTD as a true alternative to the parks…a rest from the parks perhaps and a true “city-like” destination where the conveniences of life are all within walking distance. A city version of “Main Street USA”…maybe add a salon and barber shop, offer WiFi at cafes and restaurants, maybe create some form of a Disney Farmer’s Market, add a wine and beer shop, add more boat transportation…a light version of Bourbon Street combined with a NYC city street…more outdoor seating at restaurants.

    I know I’m throwing a lot out there but people essentially pay money..a lot of money…to go into Epcot only to spend more money on beers, wine and high-end dinners. They do it because there are great views, there is entertainment, the quality is great and the atmosphere is terrific. They need to capture this idea at DTD and make it a “can’t miss destination” while you are at WDW.

  7. I think the closing of most of DTD might be a GOOD thing. Perhaps include some more family-friendly indoor activities like bowling, ice skating, or an indoor maze. For the adults, golf simulators would be cool (include virtual versions of the courses at WDW). All of these activities can be “Disney-fied” and are slightly cheaper options than spending a day in the park. I also think a “Disney-only” movie theater would be a cool idea…show the classics. I visit DTD frequently, and I’m hoping that it improves…it really is going downhill. Some clever new venues (and not the same old t-shirt and pin stores or overpriced specialty shops) would really spice it up.

  8. I worked at Pleasure Island back in 1989 when it first opened and the best part were the nightclubs opening up after 7pm and the nightlife. It was always packed with celebs and was a great atmosphere. I don’t know what prompted all of the closeures but it is terrible. The Adventures club was great, the Neon Armadillo, the COmedy Warehouse – I used to work at XFRS – it was the 3 story restaurant and used to have a roller skating rink on the 2nd floor, restaurant on the 3rd and dance floor on the first. What a blast. Disney really made a mistake on this.

  9. It was a sad day when Adventurer’s Club closed.

    We have no good reason to bother visiting Downtown Disney, anymore … it’s just a bunch of semi-mediocre chain restaurants & shops one can find in any mall … why bother?

    My family recently decided to *Skip* a semi-spontaneous 5-day WDW trip, with AC’s closure being a significant factor … we likely would have gone to AC twice during a 5-day visit.

  10. My family and I were in Disney in September right before PI closed – It was such a sad time – Many others have written about their feelings for AC and I’m sure it was a wonderful club – for us, we always took in The Comedy Club and found it to always be hysterical. We always went to downtown frequently during our visits. When we returned in February we went downtown only once and found it to be completely dead (as others have mentioned)after that we only went we needed to make bus connections. We felt no need to visit as there is nothing there to attract us. It would be great if Disney decided to move both the Ac and the Comedy Club to another spot. They were much loved by mnay.

  11. I am travelling from HI to FL and have decided not to go to spend my $$ at Disney because of the Adventurer’s Club closing. Very Sad.

  12. I was very surprised about the changes to Pleasure Island although I was never a fan of the nightclubs. However, I think its a mistake for Disney to do this for all the same reasons listed in other peoples comments. Maybe they should have compromised and closed the less popular ones.

    I wasn’t aware of the Virgin store closing which is a disappointment as I’m visiting later this year and was looking forward to having a look around again. However, all the Virgin Megastores in the UK were sold and now the firm that bought them has gone bust so all the UK ones appear to have gone in either form so I’m not surprised really.

    However, can’t wait for my visit and I’m sure I’ll still love it all!!


  13. I too am very saddened that the AC will no longer be a part of DD. It was the main reason I went to the DD area at night. It was such a unique experience and there probably isn’t a nightclub in this country that could be compared to it. Although, I liked some of the others like Rock ‘N’ Roll Beachclub, they were just your typical clubs and really weren’t that unique.

    Even though the shows at the AC didn’t change much from night to night, it really didn’t matter as it was such a fun and relaxing atmosphere. For the last several years it’s the only club on PI I frequented. The amount of detail at the AC was amazing and that is what Disney is so good at from the resorts to the attractions. They all have it. I just loved interacting with the AC’s charachters. We all have our favorites and mine may have been Fletcher Hodges-Club Curator.

    Now according to Ms. Koester the AC will not be coming back to PI as it was. As many others have said, I don’t think we have seen the end of it. It may be revamped or modernized in some way. She didn’t say the AC is done for good. I think relocating it to the Boardwalk area might be a good place. Being that the theming of the AC is their membership drive opening house in 1937, would fit in with the BW, dating back to those times as the BW definitely relates to. This would include old time places like Jellyrolls, Dance Hall as well as the candy shops on the BW. The AC would compliment as an addition very well here.

    We can only hope.

  14. I have a lot to say on this subject. I will miss the Adventurer’s Club, the other clubs, etc. But it’s not enough to get me in a tizzy.

    Disney is always creating and always evolving. It always will be. That’s one of the things that I love most about it. Do you think making a big show, throwing a tantrum, and threatening not to spend any more time Downtown is going to make them go “Oh no, whatever shall we do!?” There are always those of us who will support Disney and wait to see what it’s going to come out with next, and be there when it is revealed.

    Also, for those of you complaining about the “nightlife” and lack of “Adult” things to do…you have to remember that Disney World was designed for the children and children-at-heart… I think people are too quick to flare up and judge, and need to remember that Disney genuinely wants us to have a good time there. They aren’t doing what they are doing just to rile you up. Stand back and let them work their magic…you might be pleasantly surprised.

  15. I really don’t get it! Disney & thier staff don’t & won’t listen to US the ones who spend our money there.
    We have been going to Pleasure island & the Adventures club since they opened….The way Ms Koester says “I can tell you for certain that the Adventurers Club as it was will not be coming back to Pleasure Island,” Koester states. “I’m afraid it will be a line in Disney history.”

    Is is a very cold statment……We loved it and he clubs…..WWE also will go to City Walk.

    We have to let WDW know as Adults we NEED dancing & nitetime fun for the Adults!
    He we come City Side..

  16. I’m also amazed that Disney closed Adventurer’s Club,one of the most unique experiences around, + is replacing it with chain restaurants and balloon rides? Where’s the Disney Magic?

  17. Using the same great Disney Wisdom to close AC…
    The next thing will be the closing of the Hoop-de-doo to make room for a 24-hr character greeting station.

  18. I guess I too am in the minority, as I never liked Pleasure Island. To me it was a claustraphobic, hilly detour between the two halves of DTD that I do enjoy. As for the Adventurers Club, the one time I tried to visit it was closed for a private function, so I guess I’ll never know what I missed.

    What I will miss is the Virgin Megastore. It was truly the main reason I made the drive from Tampa so many times. Although I too don’t want to see another World of Disney store open there, I would hope that Disney might pick up the ball that Virgin has dropped and put in their own media superstore with lots of CDs, DVDs, computer programs and books. In other words, a store a lot like what is there now but with more of a Disney touch. Well, I can dream…

  19. I don’t understand all this. I am a 31 year old male and trust me i like to drink beer. But when I go to wdw I didnt even think of pleasure island at all. i will have a beer with my meal but i dont go down there to drink, there are hundreds of bars and clubs where i live.

  20. We just returned from WDW on Weds. One of our bus drivers told us that while Pleasure Island is going to become “family friendly” Disney is already pouring concrete for a 5th park (his words) near Coronado Springs that will be for adults only. He said they haven’t been given more details.

    Hang in there, something for adults may be on its way!

    Editor’s Note: The 5th park rumors have been circulating for a very very long time. They are just that – rumors.

  21. I have a premium annual pass that expires in June. The reason we got these passes for years was because we went to PI alot since it included admission. Now, I get the offer to play golf instead of PI. That’s the last thing I want to do, play golf in the blazing Florida sun. Plus I hate golf. How is that a fair trade? I’m thinking I won’t renew my passes this year for the first time in 7 years, since besides park admission I used it for PI admission mainly.

  22. I guess I was one of the few who really didn’t care all that much for the clubs at PI. I was in the AC a couple of times and felt very much like an outsider. This is exactly the feeling that Disney did not want to create.

    I guess I always come back to the idea that Walt always said Disneyland (and I would assume ALL the Parks worldwide) would never be complete and that they would always be in a state of flux.

    I also remember an interview with Marty Sklar, I don’t remember the topic specifically. He was asked if he thought Walt would approve of the changes being made, and his reply was that Walt would have said it was about time.

    Walt did not create his Kingdom by resting on his laurels, he was always creating, always reinventing.

    I know the clubs and the AC specifically will be missed, but isn’t it exciting to know there are new things on the horizon?

  23. “I can tell you for certain that the Adventurers Club as it was will not be coming back to Pleasure Island,” Koester states.

    Does this mean that it is possible then, for the Adventurers Club to be brought back in an updated form, in another part of WDW? Perhaps, near the entrance to AK.

  24. I’ve got to agree with Ron. If I’d known how few places there were to use the “Water Parks and more” option, I’d have saved my $50.
    I did go to Typhoon Lagoon last October, and Disney Quest a year ago (which didn’t have much for a 60ish guy).
    I had hoped that it could be used at the miniature golf courses (went to Winter-Summerland in Feb.) I was told that it wasn’t good there. Note to Disney: It should be, especially since the cost is 1/3 of the water parks or Quest.
    Sorry to hear about Virgin Megastore.
    What will they do? Turn it into a warehouse?

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Water Parks and More option on tickets does not include minigolf,
    but as of June 28, 2008, you can also choose to use a visit to play a round of golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, a relaxed, nine-hole walking course designed for the entire family. Tee times are required and subject to availability. For tee times, call (407) WDW-GOLF (407-939-4653) or visit disneyworldgolf.com.

    The decision to close the Virgin store was Virgin’s not Disney’s — no idea yet what will become of that space.

  25. I’ll never understand the closing of The Adventurer’s Club. I’m still upset over Horizens and Journey Into Your Imagination. Disney I know is a business but I just don’t get their reasoning. Downtown Disney has nothing right now that would make me go out of my way to be there. The parks and Resorts have plenty of restaurants and shopping for me.

  26. Disney has enough faimly entertainment. This area was for us that do not have children and wanted act like adults. I would spent the bulk of my money spent on vacation at PI. Now we will look into going to Vegas instead of Disney all the time. I am a DVC member and travel there 3 times a year, but I am thinking of only going once now and Vegas more.

  27. Maybe I am the only one, but I am glad that they are changing it (except for Adventurer’s Club, I loved it too). 🙁 Honestly, I hated walking through Pleasure Island’s pricey clubs to get to some of the most relaxing and decent restaurants left at the World. After a few days in the parks, I am ready to shop, drink, listen to music and have a decent meal (love Wolfgang Puck’s pizzas) – without the kids!!

  28. I am still kicking myself for buying the Water
    Parks and more option on my tickets. Since they took away the clubs on Pleasure Island as my “more” option it really left me with nothing since I don’t golf. Are they planning on making the balloon ride the “more” option? Also, I too am wondering about how Ms. Koester worded her comment regarding Adventurers Club “I can tell you for certain that the Adventurers Club as it was will not be coming back to Pleasure Island,”. Does that mean there will be an Adventurers Club with a twist? I also feel that Downtown Disney doesn’t really feel like Disney except for the obvious World of Disney store and DisneyQuest. The rest I can get anywhere in the country.

  29. I didn’t like Adventurers club… I didn’t get it at all. Also, there were a ton of strollers parked there (and I thought pleasure island was supposed to be more for adults).

    I think Pleasure Island and most of disney outside a theme park needs to have more live music. They have so much talent there, that is too bad the nightlife doesn’t have more. Too much recorded music.

    I have visited jellyrolls much more often than I visited pleasure island. That place is a lot of fun, very disney, but yet very adult at the same time. And Kristi Koester has it right. The Disney Boardwalk is much more attractive than pleasure island. They need to leverage that waterfront asset. The water is what distinguishes Florida from cold climates. And City walk at universal is very exposed to their little lake. It’s nice.

  30. I personally don’t mind the nightclubs closing. I went once and had a blast but that was enough. I guess I am getting old now with 3 kids but I am not into the nightclubs anymore. I am looking forward to new things at Downtown Disney and more places to shop, new restaurants and especially the hot air ballon ride.

  31. More of WDW’s mistakes that are causing my partner and I not to buy annual passes for awhile. Clearly, the powers that be are not interested in what the public actually wants, but what they think it should want. Downtown Disney certainly won’t be a place where I’m led to spend any of my money! Virgin, of course, is making it’s own decision and closing all its US stores which is sad but not on Disney. All the other decisions are, however and are making WDW a much less attractive place to be.

  32. Wow Virgin is a huge anchor store on the West End… I hope they don’t put in an ultra bloated World of Disney store… overkill. DD is looking to become a wasteland of awful restaurants and overpriced shops. It really is sad… I think it all started to go downhill when they started that terrible ‘open gate’ policy. They should have gone back to charging to get in the area instead of letting anyone roam around. That policy was the death knell.

  33. When I am in the parks I don’t have a choice on the prices of the merchandise, food, etc. However, when I am outside of Disney I do. Why would I go to Downtown Disney and pay for overpriced food, clothing, and gifts when there are outlet stores close by. Also, whenever we ate at Downtown Disney we experienced overpriced horrible food. Also, in this regard I have other choices of where I can eat off of Disney property since I am not in a theme park, so why would I choose Downtown? Our experiences at Raglan Road, Wolfgang Puck and at Rainforest Cafe were underwhelming and we won’t dine there again. If I can drive away from Downtown Disney since there are no adult clubs I can drive to Universal Citywalk. Hmmmmm……something to think about.

  34. I hate to do this but she said “the AC as it was”. Is that a carefully guided answer of a “new” AC with some changes, mainly alcohol? I know its just wishful thinking, but I have to give myself some hope. I was there in January and everything at AC was still in tact. This more than likely has changed, but I am not aware. Also, maybe it wont be in PI, maybe Animal Kingdom Lodge somewhere. Okay, thats a stretch, but hey, got nothing to lose.

  35. What is Disney thinking. Disney needs to reintroduce the Comedy Club and the Adventures Club. They also need to think about some other fun club places that emphasize the entertainment and deemphasize the drinking. I think the Irish Dances at Raglan Road will get old soon.

  36. She did say that the adventures club in it’s present form would not be back. Does that mean it may come back in a different form?

  37. I am extremely disappointed that they are not even considering bringing back the Adventurers Club. Even when the economy was beginning to falter, the club was always packed with people – the whole night! Why on earth would Disney close down the one club that consistently brought in huge crowds and made them money. If it works, why change it?!

  38. You can’t blame Disney for Virgin closing. They have been in financial trouble for years. With the movement into digital music it was only a matter of time. I lived in New Orleans and worked for Virgin, paychecks bounced and the lights were turned off at least twice a year. The will be missed, but lets see what happens to the area before we start saying “I’m never going back.”

  39. How ironic is this….seconds after posting my last comments, just heard on the news that Virgin Megastore is CLOSING at Downtown Disney on May 31st. The reason – the DOWNTURN IN THE ECONOMY!!! Good job Disney.

  40. As a local who frequently visited Pleasure Island for the nightclubs (especially 8 Trax which was one of the few 80’s clubs left in the area), I can say that I have no desire or need to ever visit Downtown Disney again. I think the closing of the nightclubs will definitely keep the locals away which probably brought more business to Downtown Disney than visiting tourists. Adding bizarre clothing stores and overpriced restaurants are not the best move during a downturn in tourism. Also, locals are the ones who kept Pleasure Island open during the non-peak season. It will be interesting to see if Downtown Disney is even open in a few years.

  41. Realistically, Disney needs to be careful about how they choose “partners”. Restaurants like T-Rex are doing more to harm the impression of Disney then they do to help it with the lack of support for the dining plan, and a service attitude that is more like the kind of service you could get anywhere. After dining at T-Rex recently and having my appetizer sent back 2x for being cold (a hot dip), I won’t be going back there, and it definitely diminished my opinion about DD. It seems that the group that owns T-Rex (same as Rainforest Cafe) is more interested in the decor and less in the food experience, which really is not Disney. I hope Disney sees this before DD becomes a dumping ground (if not already) for an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants that you could find anywhere in America.

  42. Does anyone know if there will be any nightclubs at all returning to Pleasure Island? It’s sounding like the answer is no.

  43. I never even got the chance to visit any of those nightclubs. On our last Disney visit, I had my 16 year old son and 6 year old daughter with us. The 16 year old could finally watch his sister while we visited the clubs. I was dismayed to find them closed. I first visited Disney as an adult with small children in tow. Now the oldest are grown and can watch the youngest.. and boom!! Gone! However, my favorite stop in DTD is Ghirardhelli’s Ice Cream. I hope that doesn’t leave us.

  44. While I do miss the old nightclubs, I believe that the original concept of pleasure Island was gone years ago. I think Disney had a great idea in wanting a place for all of the resort guests to go at night. Unfortunately, over the years it became more of a “locals” hang-out and did not feel totally “Disney’ anymore.

  45. Are you serious? The Adventure’s Club was the reason I went to DT Disney. Don’t they realize adults need some fun time away from kiddos too…..Boo on this Disney.

  46. I am very disappointed that the Adventurer’s Club is gone. I signed petitions and wrote letters (as many people did) to save it, but unfortunately Disney didn’t listen. They could have kept just the Adventurer’s Club if they didn’t want to deal with problems that night clubs can bring.

    The Adventurer’s Club was a very unique and special place, that was not only exceptional for Disney, but was wonderful compared to almost any place in the country. It was one of the reasons we kept returning to Disney World. I think Disney is making a big mistake by taking away some of the more unique, interactive, and creative attractions like the beloved Adventurer’s Club, and replacing them with more generic money-making attractions.

  47. I miss the clubs terribly… thats the reason we stay on property, it was so convenient to be able to have adult nightlife so close. Every club was unique, especially loved Mannequins and the rotating dance floor. I am so disappointed in Disney concerning this decision. Guess I’ll have to spend more time at Universal Citywalk.

  48. My husband and I honeymooned in Disney, before I was 21, and the adventurers club was one of the few I could go into with my husband, who was 21. I will miss it!

  49. I am missing Adventurers Club terribly and since I am not a big fan of anything else at Downtown, chances are I won’t be down there spending any money.