MouseFest 2007

It’s over a week now since MouseFest, 2007. I know it’s hard to believe, but each MouseFest is more fun for me than the last. This is a time to reconnect with great friends in Walt’s place of magic. What could be better?

The groups for my Hidden Mickey hunts are growing too large! I don’t think everyone has a decent experience, so I’m thinking of taking RSVP’s for the first time for MouseFest, 2008. I believe that other Meet leaders are having similar experiences with the large number of MouseFest fans. I’m not really complaining; it’s a great problem to have!

In the Magic Kingdom Hidden Mickeys Hunt, our group loaded onto Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride stopped for a while with many of us in boats. One of the interesting images is the collection of circles on Davy Jones’ hat.

As his ghostly visage appears in the mist during the first part of the ride, look at the lower part of the right side (your left) of his hat. I’m not convinced by the photos that folks have sent me (a red circle was added to the photo attached), but the image is somewhat more convincing in person. I’ll dwell more on this one.

Davy Jones Hat

The Hidden Mickeys in Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends are in the stage mural. After the show, our large group was hurried out by the Cast Members. We had barely enough time to spot and photograph the three Hidden Mickeys in the mural.

I think the size of our group may have intimidated the CM’s, especially since several Disney manager types were observing from the back of the seating area!


The Hunts at the Studios and Epcot were outside, and I didn’t perceive any significant problems.

I had a cool experience at Epcot. My wife Vickie was sitting on a bench across from the pyramid in Mexico. She was waiting for my Hunt group to finish up in the UK pavilion, and she began a friendly conversation with a woman next to her. The woman was also waiting for her husband to return. She was on her honeymoon and had just been married the day before. She and her new husband were moseying through the Mexico pavilion, when her husband saw a group form and heard the term “Hidden Mickeys“. It was my Hidden Mickey Hunt group! So he asked her to wait for him there, and he joined in with my Hunt! Cool!

I think he was one of the several folks who had wine glasses with them (a couple of others joined our group as we meandered) for the entire trek around World Showcase. They were pleasant and seemed to be having fun, and even voted with the rest of the group on marginal Hidden Mickey images!

Before I knew it, MouseFest was over. I was able to meet up with Lou Mongello and Pat Whitson on Monday, the last day of MouseFest, for some final good times.

Lou Mongello and Pat Whitson

Oh well, now it’s back to the real world. Until next year, friends!

blue line

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Steve Barrett is a doctor and Disney nut whose favorite Walt Disney World memory is strolling through the Magic Kingdom with his young son on his shoulders. Not surprisingly, his favorite spot in the World is anywhere there's a Hidden Mickey. He suggests that all visitors take some time to chat with cast members, especially when looking for Hidden Mickeys, as they can enrich your Disney experience and make it even more magical.

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