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I often get motion sickness on the Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios. I usually take a less-drowsy Dramamine every morning before I go to the parks to prevent getting motion sickness from any ride. That way I can enjoy the rides without worry! - Sandi F.

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While the bus depot at Disney's Hollywood Studios is under construction for Disney Skyliner, consider taking the boat to the Studios if you're coming from Epcot. It will drop you a little closer to the park entrance. You can take a boat from three other spots as well: Disney's Boardwalk, the Yacht and Beach Club and the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. - Brian L.

Just returned from a trip to Disney World. We had a wonderful time celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary. I would like to let everyone know that when traveling to Disney's Hollywood Studios by bus, you are now dropped off a loooong distance from the main entrance due to the construction of the Skyliner. If you have any issues with walking please be aware of this. I had hurt my knee before the trip and the additional walk really took its toll. - Karen D.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We've heard from several of you recently mentioning the same thing, and we experienced it ourselves a few weeks ago. We don't know how long this situation will exist, but for the time being, be advised that the bus stops are quite a long distance from the park's main entrance!

As great as zipper-top bags are for holding snacks, you might want to think about hard plastic storage containers for them or something equally sturdy. I've witnessed a squirrel literally rip a hole in a reusable supermarket bag to get at the chips inside, no matter how many times we shooed him away. Anytime you're in a show or a ride with a long line the squirrels and birds have PLENTY of time to mess with your stuff that you've left in your stroller or scooter. - Aren

Going through the metal detectors at the park entrances, you have to remove celebratory buttons and put them in the little bins with other metal objects. This can be a pain, especially if you're park-hopping! Consider wearing buttons on a lanyard or bag strap to make it easier to take them on and off. - Gilly R.

We visited Disney's Hollywood Studios last week with our daughters, 16 and 2. While my 16-year-old loved the park, my 2-year-old found it very scary. If you have a little one who is timid, you may want to prepare them for this park or skip it all together. The Star Wars theme and characters are everywhere here. We were standing in line to meet Disney Junior characters when Star Wars music started playing and the characters marched right by us. She was terrified. We had to get out of line. Then we were stopped by a few stormtroopers while leaving Toy Story Mania. She started crying saying she wanted to go home... I saw several children crying when they had to walk by Darth Vader or a stormtrooper... I like Star Wars. But the constant shows that you can hear throughout the park with ominous-sounding music, the sound of scary voices (Kylo Ren and Darth Vader), and intimidating (to a small child) characters were just too much. Hopefully they will keep it localized to just the Star Wars area once it opens. - Jennifer D.

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Disney's Hollywood Studios - We discovered the delicious blue crab wonton appetizer at the Hollywood Brown Derby recently. It's a generous portion of crab, bundled along with cucumber, tomato and a slightly hot wasabi aioli in a deep-fried wonton wrapper. It was the perfect start to a wonderful meal. - Linda

I use an ECV to get around the parks. Several years ago I rode Toy Story Midway Mania [at Disney's Hollywood Studios] and was given a car with a push-button cannon. It made a world of difference as I am spastic and cannot pull the string fast enough to ever score very well. When they built the addition to the ride, they started routing me to the new "regular" load platform since I can walk a bit, but it only had regular cannons and the ride lost its magic. On my most recent visits I asked if they still had the push-button cannons, and lo and behold they sent me to the "old" handicapped load platform. It was such a wonderful experience, and shout out to cast member Melissa -- she let me ride twice because it wasn't crowded. In fact when I went back two months later, she recognized me and said hello. It made both trips absolutely magical for me. So if you are handicapped and can't pull the string, ask the ride attendant for the button car. There is only one car with the buttons so I'm adding to my future wait time, but it makes the ride so much more enjoyable! - Melissa Henderson

My tip for any park, in regard to parking, is to take a photo of the parking row (ex. Goofy 12) so that you don't forget where you are. As a bonus you'll have a unique photo collection when you get home. I had all of my parking row photos printed out and put in a collage. - Jacquie Peskett

Here's a tip if you're staying in a Disney resort hotel. If you decide to take a nap or a shower, and some members of your group are still out and about but may return while you're unavailable, do NOT lock the deadbolt on your room door. The Magic Bands will not open the door if the deadbolt is engaged and your family or friends will be left standing in the hall until you hear them pounding on the door to get in! Ask me how I know! - Deb

Just a tip: You can go to the 50's Prime Time bar (the Tune-In Lounge) [at Disney's Hollywood Studios] and order their famous Peanut Butter and Jelly shake to go! - Ericka

Last year (based on a tip from a friend) I went to the Tune-In Lounge at the '50s Prime Time restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Arrived before 11:30 a.m. and grabbed a chair at the bar. If you sit at the bar, they also serve full meals off the regular food menu. So I had a glass of wine, and an assorted plate of meatloaf, chicken and some other meat, and veggies. Food was very good, and the bartender was very nice. Wanted to mention that I tend to avoid bars, but this lounge was so family-friendly that I felt comfortable there and had a nice meal. - Maureen

Some of the characters featured in the "A Galaxy Far, Far Away" show in Disney's Hollywood Studios will stand behind the stage, posing for photos, while they are waiting to perform. If you find yourself in that area at the right time, you may be treated to a closer look at Darth Vader, Stormtroopers or even Boba Fett. - AllEars® Editor Deb Koma

I have read several tips about using water mister fans in the parks, but my family has found a way to cool off that we think works just as well with the added benefits of being cheaper and more convenient. We use the small (about 4" tall) pump-type bottles one can usually find in the "travel and trial size" section at the grocery store or pharmacy. The bottles are inexpensive ($1-$2) so it is not a big deal if one is lost (as happened to me on Tom Sawyer Island) and require no batteries. They are very lightweight, just a couple of ounces even when filled with water, and small enough to fit into a pocket. One or two quick spritzes on the face, back of the neck, arms and legs is all it takes to make even the hottest day enjoyable. To make it even better, the bottles can be used for other things after vacation is over, which really can't be said about the mister fans. - K.

We always carry a cinch-sack to the parks. To help us get through the security bag check a little faster, my husband put all our items in two large zipper-top bags before we put them in the sack. Several security guards commented that it was a great idea. It made their job easier by being able to just look at the bags instead of digging through the cinch-sack. - Chris

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