Disney Pic of the Week: Liberty Square

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Yesterday, Scott shared a photo of the new Memento Mori Relics from Regions Beyond. If you haven’t gone inside yet, you must! It is filled with Haunted Mansion items. Fun to browse even if you don’t want to buy.

So now, onto my Disney Pic of the Week……

One of my favorite things about Disney Parks is when the unexpected happens. A couple years ago I was walking around Liberty Square when a Cast Member (Michael) appeared. He began ringing a bell to get folks into the Columbia Harbor House for lunch. Next thing I knew, he was on a knee and singing to a young guest while her friend rang the bell. I’m thinking it was her birthday.

My Disney Pic of the Week for Liberty Square is of this great magic making Cast Member, Michael:


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  1. My sister and I ran into Michael last year in front of Harbor House while we were considering eating lunch there. He saw my birthday button and immediately launched into his version of Happy Birthday in his melodious voice. I felt like I was being serenaded, and it sure made my day. Needless to say, we entered the restaurant and had an enjoyable birthday lunch.