Most Liked Instagram Photos of 2014

All Ears Prize Pack Winner: Denise Daley-Rix
Congrats Denise. Please leave your address in a comment below (it won’t be published 🙂 has been part of the Instagram craze for almost 2 years now. It is always fascinating to us to see what photos you like the most!

Here are the top 5 MOST LIKED Instagram Photos of 2014

Number 5 is a familiar sight as you are heading toward the Magic Kingdom — the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza

Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza

Number 4 is one of our favorite photo spots outside the theme parks. Head over to the Contemporary Resort and check out this Mickey Mouse!

Mickey mouse Sculpture at the Contemporary

The Number 3 best-liked Instagram photo is a holiday favorite – the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian Resort!

Grand Floridian Gingerbread House

Number 2 caught everyone’s attention earlier this year when the New Fantasyland was completed – The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

And by far the most-liked All Ears Instagram Photo of 2014 — The Magic Kingdom Castle is Frozen!

Cinderella's Frozen Castle

What do you want to see photos of in 2015?! Leave your ideas in the comments section below.
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39 Replies to “Most Liked Instagram Photos of 2014”

  1. Picture with Mickey at the Contemporary is an annual event with our family. The Contemporary was our first stay with our 3 year old and we’ve been back every year since, he is now 27. No matter what resort we are at, we make the trip over for a picture. He no longer fits inside Mickey’s ear : )

  2. I’d love to see a photo of Tinkerbelle flying from Cinderella’s castle at night. That would be a pretty difficult shot to get, but there’s gotta be a photographer out there willing to try!

  3. I love all the photos of little kids meeting the characters. But my all time favorite was of a service dog getting a hug from Pluto!

  4. I would love to see the gardens areas of all of the resorts! We don’t always get to do a lot of resort hopping when visiting. The landscapers do such a fabulous job!

  5. I would love to see DVC resorts like Aulani, Hilton Head, Vero, VGC, and also the WDW Classic hotels, DCL photos or Adventures by Disney photos. Special program or tour pics would be great as well 🙂

  6. Happy New Year! I’d love to see pictures of the new and great things happening around the World. Especially at Disney’s Polynesian Village, Since I am a DVC member! 🙂

  7. I would love to see more resort pictures of “hidden gems” like the one from the Contemporary above. No idea it was there!!

  8. I would love to see more of Animal Kingdom Park as I absolutely love the details and wish I had time to slowly enjoy it all.

  9. I would love to see beautiful pictures of different Disney resorts! Perhaps some “hidden gems” at the resorts. Our family’s favorite is POFQ. We love it and are looking forward to a trip there this year!!!

  10. I would love to see more pictures featuring special things from the different resorts. It would help me see what places we should try to stay at, especially the pools, food courts or restaurants and other attractions.

  11. I would love to see holiday times at each country in Epcot! We were there this year in November but left before the holiday decorations started & it’s definitely something I would love to see!

  12. I’d love to see photos of the pavement artist in magic kingdom. We stood and watched as he used his broom to draw several characters on the pavement by the new fantasy land bathrooms, but is love to see more of his creations.

  13. I enjoy following along through the year with photos of the special events and parties and such, especially in the years when I don’t have a visit planned. It keeps me connected with my Disney side and happy just to know that it’s all there and waiting for my return!

    That, and always more photos of Deb’s smiling face as she enjoys the World! 🙂

  14. I would love a “take us along for the day” photo series. Arriving, lunch, rides, things you happen upon (sometimes the most fun!), snacks, dinner, shows, etc.

  15. More Chip n Dale! Of course, that’s just a personal preference. 🙂
    I’d love seeing split screen “then and now” pictures. I enjoy seeing how the attractions have changed over the years.

  16. My favorite is the when Cinderella’s castle is Frozen! In 2015, I would like to see pictures of characters that you can meet around the parks and where to meet them with how long the normal waits are. (I especially like it when it includes the characters that do not have a FastPass like Duffy or Figment or Merida!)

  17. I would love to see theme” photo posts. For example: a certain day each week or month is “Disney Detail Day” and you post a photo of a detail from a park or resort that we might not otherwise notice. Or “Ride Vehicle Day.” Or “Favorite Snack Food Day.”

  18. Photos of different flowers planted in the World.

    Or maybe nightime photos, not of fireworks or Christmas lights (even though that is my favorite time of the year).

    Or the little details that we all overlook.

    Wishing you all the best for 2015!

  19. I’d love to see more pictures of the area’s outside the parks as I don’t get to explore them as much when I’m there.

  20. Happy new year to all!!!
    It has been an interesting year at the World, with lots of new things appearing. I would love to see photos of the new DVC part of Polynesian Village that is being built. I saw glimpses from my trip in November, but I can’t wait to see all the new things when they are completed!