Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

Winter Summerland Sign



Winter Summerland Miniature Golf is located near the entrance to Blizzard Beach and is themed as Santa’s permanent off-season retreat. The elf-sized course is divided into two 18-hole experiences. One course carries the snow-clad Florida look reminiscent of Blizzard Beach, and the other has a more tropical holiday theme, with ornaments hanging from palm trees.

OPERATING HOURS: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily

TRANSPORTATION: Park your car in the Blizzard Beach lot or take a Disney transportation bus from your Disney hotel to Blizzard Beach. Bus transportation is available during Blizzard Beach operating hours. Guests may take Walt Disney World transportation directly to Blizzard Beach and walk to Winter Summerland. After Blizzard Beach closes and up until 9 p.m. nightly, guests can take the bus route that includes stops at All-Star Resorts, Blizzard Beach, and Epcot.

COST: Adults: $14 + tax; children (ages 3-9) $12 + tax per round.

Annual Passholders may be entitled to a discount.

You do NOT have to have a Blizzard Beach admission to play golf. There is a separate charge for the mini golf.

Excerpts from a Disney Press Release

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Santa and his elves have joined Walt Disney Imagineering to create Disney’s Winter Summerland, a new 36-hole miniature golf course located near the entrance to Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park.

The wacky, elf-sized golf course is divided into two 18-hole experiences. One course (Snow or Winter course) carries the zany, snow-clad Florida look reminiscent of Blizzard Beach, while the other (Sand or Summer course) takes a more tropical, holiday theme, with ornaments hanging from palm trees.

Like all Disney attractions, this miniature golf course has a story behind it. Late one moonlit Christmas Eve, as Santa was flying over Florida on his way back to the North Pole, he glanced down and could not believe what he saw. Santa found snow in a place that is usually hot. After surveying the strange location, he decided to build a vacation destination for his off-duty elves — a Winter Summerland.

The only thing Winter Summerland lacked was a golf course. So the elves divided into two camps, one that enjoyed the warm Florida sun and another that preferred the snow and cold of the North Pole. In this Winter Summerland, the elves built two distinctly different 18-hole golf experiences — a sand course and a snow course.

Both courses at Winter Summerland are loaded with interactive elements that will entertain and engage golfers of all ages. On the snow course, Squirty the Snowman sprays water on unsuspecting guests when their golf balls pass beneath him. On the sand course, guests putt over a slumbering Santa buried underneath a tremendous sand mound.

Although the elves were split into different camps, they agreed that the last couple of holes should converge within an old log campground lodge. Guests will need pinpoint accuracy to tap the ball between two model trains that circle below a fully decorated pine tree.

Upon sinking their last putt on hole 18, guests journey through cyberspace via the WinterNet as a computer downloads a special greeting from Santa. Winter Summerland also features Santa’s winterbago, a converted travel trailer that houses the starter booth, and small snack and gift shops.

For a great photo opportunity guests can sit behind the reins of Santa’s sleigh or gather in front of the surfing Santa statue, an elf-made tribute to jolly old St. Nick.

Winter Summerland is the second themed miniature golf course at Walt Disney World Resort. Fantasia Gardens, Disney’s first miniature golf experience, is located along Buena Vista Drive adjacent to Disney’s BoardWalk.