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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 06/29/2023

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In the private viewing area, you will wait for one hour after check in, outdoors, without refreshment or entertainment. Disney staff will not allow you to put your small child on your shoulders to see, and there will be people standing in front of you. Sitting down for drinks and refreshments afterward is nice, but you will be uncomfortable and very likely thirsty for the duration of your wait and the actual fireworks show.


You can access a roped off area in the garden to stand. People who are not in this roped off area who are watching for free can still stand in front of you, but you will be placed in the middle of the garden.


Check in is confusing and everything will not be taken care of for you. Your view will still be blocked. It is standing room only. You will not be allowed to assist your children to get a better view. If you check in on time, you will have to wait for a full hour before the show starts. Children will be bored to tears while they wait in the Florida sun.
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Reviewed by AmyKCL Review Date: 08/06/2022

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We're a family of four with two adventurous eaters (adults) and two picky eaters (kids). We attended the Enchantment Pre-Fireworks Dessert Party in July 2022. The primary reason that we chose to add this event to our plan was because we wanted the reserved viewing area for the fireworks. The view from the Plaza Garden was great, and we definitely think paying extra for the reserved area was worth it for our family. I didn't think my kids would do well trying to stake out a spot on main street for over an hour before the show. However, it is an expensive event.

My husband and I both enjoyed the drinks and the dessert items - some of which were excellent and some of which were just okay; we would have both appreciated a couple more savory items. Our kids don't really like sweets, so, while we coaxed them into trying a few items, they didn't eat anything. (Our kids are weird, and my husband and I think most kids would enjoy the dessert options.) The non-alcoholic drink options were good, and my kids both tried a couple of the juices (though my youngest was upset that the water had lemon slices in it).

Logistics: Checking in at Tomorrowland Terrace was confusing. They have multiple events checking in at the same time but without clear signs. We stood in the wrong line at first and were only redirected when we got to the hostess. Also, Tomorrowland Terrace is an ugly space (white tables, orange chairs) that doesn't vibe well with what should feel like a special event.

Overall, we would attend the pre-party event again and we would recommend it to others because of the reserved fireworks viewing area.


Reserved fireworks viewing area +++++ All-you-can-eat and drink Friendly service


Very expensive Not enough savory options Confusing check-in Ugly location
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