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Reviewed by MinnesotaCB Review Date: 03/13/2016

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My two children (5 & 7) and their cousin (4) went on this pirate cruise at the end of 2015. You check the kids in at a little boat house on the lagoon and a Disney staff member helps the kids get some pirate gear on (bandana, life vest, etc).

The woman who led the cruise was very calm, patient and motherly and the kids felt pretty much instantly comfortable with her. She also had an assistant, so there is a good staff to kid ratio for the cruise. Once the cruise started, I went with my SIL to the Madaras Spa at the Dolphin for a quick manicure. Since the cruise is 2 hours you definitely have time to plan something in the vicinity before you pick up your kids.

When we came back about 1.5 hours later, we got to see the kids coming back on their boat yelling at "Captain Stinkyfeet" who was back on shore. According to the kids the who cruise was based off of finding this treasure that Stinkyfeet had hid. They cruised through the World Showcase in Epcot and then brought their treasure chest back to the Yacht Club. Once everyone was back on shore they opened the chest and inside were small treasure chests filled with things like fake jewels, a pirate rubber duck, tattoos, etc.

For the cost, this is a really great value. All three kids loved it and want to do it again. If your kid loves pirates or anything imaginative, this is a great experience to enjoy.


Fun, imaginative play, location, value, pirates, independent kids activity


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Reviewed by Chicken Apple Review Date: 08/18/2013

Rating: (10)

Our boys are 4 & 7 and went on the cruise on 31-Jul-2013.
They had a great time!

There isn't too much information about this, since it's kids only.
We thought the price was good for a two hour adventure and the kids liked the idea of doing something "on their own".

There was a Captain, a first mate and a second mate on the boat (it was the second mate's first cruise). They were all very nice and the kids felt comfortable with them right away (so did we). There were about 9 kids, mostly boys between 5-9 on this one, I would guess.
The snack is now goldfish and juice (or water)- so there are no peanut allergies to worry about (our oldest was paranoid about the peanut butter & jelly).
They depart from the dock and start following clues & maps all over.
They de-boat in EPCOT to find a hidden Mickey in Canada and they do "something" in Japan. They also go over towards the studios (if you take the Friendships, you might see the pirate grave they visit).
The boat gets "stuck" at one point and have to get themselves loose. They get a sword and a spy glass and a little treasure chest filled with pirate themed goodies.

You do want to make it back early enough to see the pirate sword fight when they return (cast members fight, not the kids) and see them open the treasure chest they found on the adventure.

Both of our kids loved it! I think the 7yr old liked it more, but I would definitely do this (or one of the other versions) again next year.

This is about the best review I could put together from the information provided by the kids.


Kids felt "independent" & had a great time. Good value


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