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Disneyland Monorail

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Take a fast and smooth trip around Disneyland on the Disneyland Monorail, enjoying the sights of Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney below.



The Disneyland Monorail system provides transportation between the monorail station in Tomorrowland inside Disneyland, and the Downtown Disney station.

Before deparating the Tomorrowland station a narrator’s voice welcomes passengers on board, and then provides additional information as the monorail journeys to the Downtown Disney station. From the Tomorrowland station the monorail passes through Disney California Adventure, with views of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, Grizzly Peak, and Buena Vista Street.

After passing through the Grand Californian hotel the monorail passes above Downtown Disney before stopping at the Downtown Disney Monorail station.

From the Downtown Disney station the monorail passes by Downtown Disney and the Grand Californian hotel, as well as the Main Entrance to Disneyland. After skirting the edge of Tomorrowland’s Autopia course it circles the Matterhorn, with a look at “it’s a small world” and Fantasyland below. As it approaches the Tomorrowland station the monorail passes over the Submarine Lagoon before stopping at the Tomorrowland station. As with the Tomorrowland-Downtown Disney route, the entire journey features a narration describing the sights and scenes below.



The line to ride the monorail is short at mid-day – passengers simply wait for the next train. It is longest at the Downtown Disney station in the morning, and at the Tomorrowland station in the afternoon and evening.

Valid Disneyland admission is required to ride the monorail, and those boarding at the Downtown Disney station are required to show their park ticket and pass through the Security checkpoint.

The current Mark VII monorail cars hold 22 people per car, with 5 cars per train. All passengers must be seated.

The round trip is 2.5 miles long and takes about 12 minutes. Each one-way trip takes about 5 minutes.

Guests in wheelchairs/ECVs should take the elevator to the boarding platform, where a Disney Cast Member will provide additional instructions for loading the wheelchair/ECV on board the monorail.



Tomorrowland Station:

Tomorrowland Terrace – Burgers, sandwiches, and snacks
Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port – Pizza, pasta, and salads.

Downtown Disney Station:

A number of restaurants, including Earl of Sandwich, Rainforest Cafe, and ESPN Club, are very close to the Downtown Disney station.

Disneyland Restaurants at a Glance
Menus Around the Disneyland Resort



The Disneyland Monorail opened June 14, 1959. It was the first single-rail transportation system in the United States.

The original Mark I monorail trains were built by ALWEG. The current Mark VII monorail trains were built by Dynamic Structures. Each train is named according to its color: Red, Blue or Orange.

For the grand opening of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage attraction, Mark V Monorail Red was transformed into a giant yellow submarine, and continued to run as a yellow submarine until mid-September.

Richard Nixon and his family once rode the Disneyland Monorail with Walt Disney.


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How long is Disneyland Monorail?

The ride takes 15 Minutes

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Will Disneyland Monorail make me motion sick?

The motion level is Low.
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