2025 Is Getting FREAKIER with Disney’s Latest Movie Announcement

Disney is ready to give us the ‘Ultimate’ throwback with the return of this nostalgic classic, and we are FREAKING OUT!


Everyone (try to) stay calm, but we got the best possible news about one of our fave Disney comedies, and we just NEED to share this with you.

It’s been a great year for sequels, thanks to the recently released Inside Out 2 and the upcoming Moana 2, which will splash into theaters on November 27th. But Disney is hitting us “baby, one more time” with the sequel to the 2003 hit movie, Freaky Friday, and we cannot be more excited!

Disney has released the first behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the film’s production with this image of its iconic stars, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan, on set.


Be still our nostalgic hearts, but we just adore seeing this pair back together, especially with the little nod to their body-switching adventure as they’re both seated in front of one another’s trailers (we love fun little details like that!).


The original film was released on August 6th, 2003, and has cemented its place as a comedy classic. The plot details a mother and daughter pair who are forced to swap perspectives, with Jamie Lee Curtis playing psychiatrist Dr. Coleman and Lindsey Lohan playing her rebellious rocker daughter Anna. Thanks to their constant bickering due to their very different personalities and points of view (the opening scene of Dr. Coleman trying to pull Anna out of bed in the morning by her feet lives rent-free in our heads), the two are magically forced to switch bodies, where they finally get to understand one another on a different level.


Disney had teased the potential for a sequel back in 2023, but no confirmation came of it until March of this year when they announced that plans for a Freaky Friday 2 were moving forward. And now, finally, with the release of the on-set picture, we are one step closer to having the sequel we’ve always dreamed of! Although no details of the plot have been released yet, Disney has confirmed the return of other cast members such as Chad Micheal Murray reprising his role of Jake, Anna’s love interest, and Mark Hamon playing Dr. Coleman’s husband, Ryan.


Other returning cast members consist of Christina Vidal Mitchell and Haley Hudson (could this mean a potential Pink Slip reunion?!?), along with Lucille Soong, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Rosalind Chao. The film will be directed by Nisha Ganatra and is slated to come out sometime in 2025. Until then, you can watch Freaky Friday on Disney+ to catch up and feed your excitement for the sequel.

We are so hyped and can’t wait to see what other crazy adventures the characters are up to 20 years later! Stay tuned as we give you all the latest and greatest Disney news!

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