The One Trick That Could Save You MAJOR Cash in Disney World…But Also Get You in Trouble

It is no secret that a trip to Disney World can get expensive.

Cinderella Castle

Between travel to and from your vacation, your hotel, park tickets, and food, costs can keep piling up. We are all about finding ways to save money on your trip to Disney World, and this next tip might help your wallet relax a little bit.

We have plenty of tips and tricks on how to cut costs during your vacation to Disney World, but this trick is one that confuses people because there are some rules that you have to follow.

Spaceship Earth

Obviously, we love to try all the yummy treats that Disney World has to offer, but the bill can really add up. To save money on food did you know that you can actually bring your own food into the park?

People tend to wonder if they can bring their own snacks or even drinks, and we understand the confusion. Disney World does have security, but it is not like the TSA at the airport, so you have more flexibility on what can come into the parks with you. 

Security at Magic Kingdom

The good news is that, yes, you can bring food and drinks into the park! This means you and your party can save money on food during park days. If you do not want to carry full meals for your entire party, you can also bring snacks. This is a great way to save money while you are waiting between meals. 

We love Disney snacks, but you can bring snacks from home!

We know water can get expensive in the parks, and while we do have some tips on how to either get free water or discounted water bottles, you can also  bring your own water in! 

You can bring your own bottle in!

It gets hot in Florida, and it is so important to stay hydrated! You can bring in both a plastic bottle as well as a reusable bottle. Disney has water bottle refill stations throughout the park, and the locations of these stations can be found on the My Disney Experience app.

There are tons of refillable water stations around Disney World!

See Breedlove’s Ranking of the Best Free Water in Disney World!

Just like any hack, there are some rules you need to be aware of before packing your picnic for your day in the park.

Time to have the perfect picnic!

The first rule is that drinks brought in must be non-alcoholic. Stick to water and sodas when you bring in drinks. Disney offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages in its theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, and all of its hotels.

You can bring in your own water!

If you plan on bringing a cooler into the park to keep your drinks and snacks cold, that is totally fine! You just cannot fill your cooler with loose ice. Instead, think about purchasing reusable ice packs to keep your cooler cold.

You can bring in your own cooler!

One final rule is that glass jars are prohibited in the park. This is due to safety concerns of glass breaking. Instead, stick to plastic baggies or containers to keep your snacks safe. 

You too can have the perfect picnic at Disney World!

This hack can save you so much money when you visit Disney World, even if you just bring in snacks or drinks! Now you know that you can have your own “perfect picnic” inside the parks!

Have you ever brought in your own food to picnic at Disney World? Tell us about your experience!

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