We Just Discovered Why the Skyliner Stops When You’re On It — And It’s NOT Why You Think

The Disney Skyliner may just be a form of transportation, but it sometimes feels like its own little free ride!

Disney Skyliner

The gondola system can transport you to several places on Disney World property, with stops at EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Art of Animation Resort, Pop Century Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Riviera Resort. But just like other forms of transportation, it can have its flaws!

Have you ever gotten STUCK on the Skyliner? It doesn’t happen often, but we’ve seen this problem a couple of times since the system opened back in 2019. A much more common version of this issue is when the Skyliner slows down or it stops for a few minutes.

EPCOT Skyliner Station

When the gondolas slow down or stop in the sky, what’s really going on? If you’ve done your fair share of Disney World rides, you know that this can often happen with omnimover system attractions when Cast Members are loading or unloading someone who needs mobility assistance. But is that the case for the Skyliner as well?

Disney Skyliner at International Gateway Station

Each Skyliner station has a loading zone specifically for people in wheelchairs and ECVs with gondolas separate from the regular line. Once the gondola is loaded, it will merge seamlessly with the others in the queue and take off as usual. Surprisingly, this process will NOT cause the Skyliner to slow down or stop at all.

Disney World Skyliner Station

When your Skyliner is slowing down or stopping, the reason is usually that there’s a delay at one of the stations. This could be due to a backup with the cabins or the regular loading process, or some kind of small technical glitch.

Skyliner Turn Station Evacuation Platform

Typically, these types of issues are solved within moments and you don’t have to worry. Actual Skyliner “accidents” or shutdowns are rare and unlikely, and if there were a real problem, Disney would likely make an announcement on the gondola’s intercom.

The Sklyiner

So the next time you slow down mid-ride on the Skyliner, you’ll know what’s really going on! Those accessible cabins are programmed to merge with the queue at the full speed of 11MPH, so it’s safe to say they’re not the ones causing a delay.

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  1. Not all stations have handicapped loading areas. Riviera does not so this might account for most showdowns on the longest of the lines.