I Made A HUGE Mistake Eating This Delicious Disney World Snack

Sometimes there are bad times for even the BEST Disney World snacks…

Gideon’s cookie

Walt Disney World offers a ton of snack options that we adore. However, not every snack is created for every moment, and there are certain times and certain ways when it’s a MISTAKE to enjoy a certain Walt Disney World snack, no matter how delicious they are. 

Our first major example comes form one of our team members, who enjoyed one of the giant pretzels offered at EPCOT’s Germany pavilion. Now, we’re on record as being fans of these pretzels, the issue is this team member didn’t have a drink with said pretzel. 


They explained, “since it was my first trip to EPCOT as an adult, I had NO IDEA where to find free water. My mouth was so dry, it was so hot outside, and very quickly I was slipping into that dangerous sensory-overload-meltdown area, so I had to fix it ASAP. I did buy a water, even though I hated having to do it, AND then found Sunshine Seasons and got TWO cups of water there. Only THEN did the dryness in my mouth subside, which was way more than I was expecting it would take to fix it.” So yeah, not fun. 

Another snack where “size matters” — as it were — are treats like the Wookiee Cookie. Wookiee Cookies – two oatmeal cookies with vanilla cream filling, garnished with a milk chocolate Wookiee bandoleer on top — are delicious, but they’re also HUGE, and it’s definitely a mistake to think you can get one and enjoy it as a quick snack that won’t fill you up between meals. Similarly, the massive cookies from Gideon’s Bakehouse can be overwhelming for one person, and like the EPCOT pretzel absolutely require a drink of some kind to avoid being too dry. 

Wookiee Cookie

Out next example are the margaritas offered at Walt Disney World. As fun as it can be to order one with a photogenic decorative “fun rim”, in practice they tend to melt quickly and get all over the glass, and in turn all over the hands of whoever is trying to drink them.

Spicy Pomegranate Margarita

All of these Disney snacks are delicious, but there are some times when enjoying one is a mistake. Stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney tips. 

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What’s the biggest Disney treat mistake you’ve ever made? Let us know in the comments below. 

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