REVIEW: There’s a NEW Butterbeer Treat at Universal Orlando (And It Might Be the BEST ONE YET)

Universal Studios is home to some great snacks, and we think they’ve upped the ante with the latest item they’ve added to the parks!

Care for an ice lolly?

We’ve tried all kinds of eats, from a hat filled with chips and guac to everything on the menu at Universal’s newest restaurants, and now it’s time we tell you about a twist on a fan favorite that will change up the way you think about Butterbeer forever!

Not too long ago, Universal teased a new kind of celebration for spring that practically everyone could get behind. In the Butterbeer Season announcement from Universal, they teased that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would debut a new Butterbeer treat that would be a limited-time offering that would only be available through June 2nd!

Butterbeer Season, Harry Potter Facebook

Now, we know what you’re thinking — “ANOTHER kind of Butterbeer treat?” We know, but hear us out! Ask anyone who’s a Butterbeer enthusiast and you’ll likely hear a whole myriad of preferences for ways they take their Butterbeer from ice cream, to potted cream, to hot and frozen varieties.


So if you’re curious enough to try out this limited-time offering, check out the Butterbeer Ice Lolly! You’ll need to know where to look for it first! You’ll be able to find this treat at both Wizarding World destinations: in Universal Studios at The Hopping Pot or in Islands of Adventure at The Magic Neep Cart (which is exactly where we stopped to grab ours).

The Magic Neep Cart

This new treat cost us $8.99 and looks a little different than you may have expected at first glance. Although it’s called an “ice lolly” the outside of the popsicle is covered in a hardshell coating that’s also Butterbeer flavored and comes neatly wrapped in its own individual mostly clear wrapper.

There it is!

The top of the coating is closer to a cream color while the rest of the lolly’s coating is a bit darker (just like the layers of a hot or frozen Butterbeer would be).

Butterbeer Ice Lolly

Once you bite past the hardshell coating you’re greeted by a butterbeer-flavored ice popsicle on the inside and it’s delicious! It tastes just like a truly frozen solid version of a frozen Butterbeer which is more of a slush typically.

Look inside!

We loved this new version of Butterbeer and felt like it added another interesting and completely different take on such a popular exclusive treat to Universal.

We’re always keeping up with the latest offerings and changes happening around Universal Studios so be sure to stay tuned with us at All Ears for more!

We Tried the Newest Harry Potter Land Snack at Universal Orlando (And We Think It Could Dethrone Butterbeer 😱)

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What’s your favorite way to enjoy Butterbeer at Universal Studios? Tell us all the ways in the comments below!

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