Exposing the SECRET Network of Disney World Transportation

If you’re a Disney fan, then the seemingly endless transportation options for visitors are no secret. From the Monorail to the Skyliner, there are several ways to get around Disney World property.

EPCOT Monorail

What a lot of folks DON’T know a whole lot about, though, is the “secret” network of Disney World transportation for Cast Members. Yes, there are several secretive ways that Disney World employees move from Point A to Point B, and we’re here to expose those today!

Well, expose is a strong word. We’re not going to go into extreme detail for the sake of Cast Member safety. However, we former Cast Members thought it would be fun to talk about all the transportation that goes on behind the scenes! Let’s go!

Flamingo Crossings Village Routes

Many of the Disney World Cast Members are Disney College Program (DCP) participants. DCP participants can opt to live at Flamingo Crossings Village, a community that Disney provides for the DCP and the DCP only.

Flamingo Crossings Village

Disney also provides bus transportation for these CPs! There are numerous bus routes that take the Cast Members where they need to go for their jobs, whether it be a park or a hotel. These buses are pretty discreet on the outside, but look like regular buses on the inside.

Westclock Buses to Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Cast Members cannot simply drive to work! They must first park at Westclock, where they go through security and board another bus there. These buses will then take them to a backstage entrance to Storybook Circus as well as to the Utilidors — the tunnels that run underneath Magic Kingdom.

Disney Bus

These buses look like every other Disney bus, but you’ll probably never run into them on the roads anyway. They travel on backstage roads that visitors don’t have access to!

VIP Tours

As a Disney World visitor, you can purchase a VIP tour that’s led by one of Disney Guest Relations’ VIP Tour Guides. These are PRICEY, typically ranging from $600 to $900 per hour, plus tips.

Minnie Van

In most cases, the VIP Tour Guide will actually drive the tour family from Point A to Point B. This is usually done in a discreet vehicle like a van that’s unmarked. These vehicles travel both on the main roads and backstage!

Character Performer Transportation

In many cases, character performers will get private transportation to and from parade and meet-and-greet locations, depending on where they’re held.

Festival of Fantasy parade

This transportation can be via van or by golf cart! Generally, this is done so that the characters don’t have to go on a long journey by foot while wearing heavy, thick costuming.

And there you have it! We hope that you were able to learn some cool behind-the-scenes details about Cast Member transportation. We’re always here to bring you the latest Disney news and updates, so make sure to follow along so that you never miss a thing.

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