6 Perfect Disney Loungefly Bags for Taurus

We are almost into Taurus season, so it is time to start finding the perfect gift for the Taurus in your life!

Taurus signs need these Loungefly bags!

We are here to help with a collection of Loungefly bags that would make any Taurus happy.

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The Taurus season runs from approximately April 20th through May 20th. That means it is almost time for all of our Taurus signs to celebrate their birthday! We are rounding up six Loungefly bags that are perfect for Taurus signs.

We are starting off with this Tiana Loungefly Mini Backpack. This bag is perfect for a Taurus since they are often foodies, and many of Tiana’s traits are similar to Taurus signs. Taurus signs are often ambitious, focused, and resilient, and so is Tiana.


Grab the Tiana Loungefly here!

Next up, we have this Loungefly bag with some of our favorite characters from The Lion King. We chose this bag as Taurus signs are sometimes considered stubborn, and we thought Simba fit the description. Simba is also ambitious, focused, and resilient which will resonate with a Taurus.


Get this The Lion King bag here!

We thought that Taurus signs would like to wear characters that they resonate with, so we also chose this Pocahontas Loungefly bag.  Taurus signs are known to want to slow down and enjoy life, and Pocahontas often takes time to appreciate her surroundings. As well, just like Simba and Tiana, she is ambitious and resilient.


Pick up this Pocahontas Loungefly here!


Taurus signs also tend to be grounded and logical. They like their routine and like to be in control, while also being patient. We felt that the Beast had a lot of traits similar to a Taurus, so we thought this Beauty and the Beast Loungefly backpack could be perfect.


Grab this Beauty and the Beast bag here!

The last two bags are inspired by Disney’s Animal Kingdom as Taurus is an Earth sign, and they also love to slow down and just enjoy life. Animal Kingdom is the perfect park for them, and it is a great place to just explore. We are starting with this Minnie Mouse Safari Loungefly bag. 


Get this Safari Minnie Mouse bag here!

Or you can also pick-up this Minnie Mouse Leopard Print Loungefly backpack. These two Animal Kingdom inspired bags are perfect for Taurus signs!


PGrab this leopard Minnie Mouse Loungefly here!

Taurus signs have a lot of unique traits, and we wanted to find bags that would resonate with their personalities. We think these six bags would be great for the Taurus in your life (or yourself, if you are a Taurus)!

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