3 Universally-Despised Disney World Souvenirs

We love shopping at Disney World!

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Did you really go to Disney World if you don’t come home with an iconic plastic Disney bag filled with goodies from your trip? While we love shopping for souvenirs like t-shirts, Minnie Ears, and pins, some are despised. 

We are suckers for picking up cute new souvenirs that Disney releases, but not all souvenirs are created equal. These are three souvenirs that are despised.

The Emporium

Bubble Wands

Bubble wands make the top of the list for multiple reasons. These souvenirs are super popular with children as they are interactive and play music. While it can be magical to walk down Main Street through bubbles, it can also be annoying to walk through.

Bubble Wands

Bubble wands tend to break and leak often. If you are spending your hard-earned dollars on something, it should last a while. They can also be bulky to carry around and hard to pack in your suitcase.

Ariel Bubble Wands

If you do bring it home after your vacation, it does not serve much purpose at home. We totally understand the appeal for children, though. 

Bubble Wands


Mickey Balloons are an iconic staple of the Disney parks. While this souvenir is iconic, it is expensive. The average balloon costs about $14; once you buy it, you carry it around all day.


This can become annoying if you are trying to ride attractions and need to pass it off for someone to watch for you. Once your trip ends, the balloon will either be deflated, left behind or popped to be brought home. If you are flying out of the Orlando Airport, the Magic of Disney store will deflate your balloon for you. This can give you the opportunity to blow it back up at a floral or party store when you get back home.


While we think Mickey balloons are cute, we would rather just take pictures of them than purchase one. 

Mickey Balloons


Drink sippers can be super cute, and Disney has released many creative designs. However, they are bulky and another thing you have to carry throughout your day in the parks.

Disney100 sippers

Drink sippers and popcorn buckets both create the same problem of being something additional to carry, but at least popcorn buckets can serve a further purpose as they can be refiled for a discount. Drink sippers only come with a drink when you first make the purchase. After you finish your drink, you are stuck carrying around a sipper that is most likely sticky inside.

Souvenir Popcorn Buckets and Sippers

Unless you are a collector, you probably won’t do much with your sipper once you bring it home, which is why we despise this souvenir.

Donald Sipper

While these three souvenirs are Disney parks staples, they often do not serve much of a purpose past your vacation.

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What is a Disney souvenir that you despise? Let us know down below!

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4 Replies to “3 Universally-Despised Disney World Souvenirs”

  1. Do you recommend any bubble wands from Amazon or somewhere else? I know my son is gonna want one but I’d rather not pay an arm and leg for one.

    1. Hi Kim! We just posted an article last month about about the bubble wands you can buy online. Amazon will certainly have similar options and if you have Prime, you can avoid the hefty DisneyStore shipping, but also keep in mind that right now DisneyStore.com has free bubble refills! You can check out our article here.

  2. We got that Donald Christmas tree sipper. They gave it to us with a large paper cup so we did not have to fill the sipper. It is now a part of our Christmas decorations!

    My daughter is a teen now, but I have not stopped bringing our stroller with us (bad back, too much to carry around with drinks, jackets, etc). It works for us like a portable locker.
    Last trip, some kids had those bubble wands and bubble machines and I instinctively drove the stroller into the swarm of bubbles, forgetting my daughter is walking beside me and not sitting in the stroller. We both had a good laugh.