Cringey Things I Keep Overhearing in Disney World

Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth, but the things we overhear are sometimes the opposite of that.

Magic Kingdom

You see, Disney World is a great area to unintentionally eavesdrop. Whether you’re on the Monorail, waiting in line for a ride, or sitting next to a particularly noisy group at Disney World, there are some things that you just wish you could un-hear. There are some cringy things that we hear seemingly ALL the time, and we’re here to talk about those.

Without further ado, here are four cringy things we keep overhearing at Disney World.

“Hmm… Harry Potter land is around here somewhere.”

Ma’am, no it ain’t. You’re at the wrong place, my friend. Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando get mixed up in a LOT of ways, and a lot of folks are left utterly disappointed when they realize they can’t whip out their wands and broomsticks and go for a pint of Butterbeer.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando

This just demonstrates the importance of doing ALL of the research you can ahead of time, so that you and especially your younger children aren’t left disappointed. And, just for extra measure, here: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located at Islands of Adventure at Universal.

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“I can’t believe they’re turning Splash Mountain into a RESTAURANT.”

We heard this one ALL the time until Disney recently put up signs that helped to combat this rumor. Due to the “Tiana’s Foods” signs and water tower that surround the current ride construction, a lot of folks thought that a new restaurant was coming to the area.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Although Disneyland did recently open Tiana’s Palace, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is the only Princess and the Frog attraction coming to Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Now, there’s some signage that allude to the fact that it is most definitely a ride.

See? Totally ride-esque

However, if this WAS a restaurant, we’d pick the table positioned at the tippy top of that drop.

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“The Monorail will take us straight from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT!”

Taking the Monorail for a spin around Disney World property to get from Point A to Point B often requires a little bit of work. For example, you can’t just take the Monorail directly from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT, even if it is technically called the Express Monorail.

Express Monorail

You’ll still have to get off at the TTC and walk a few feet over to another Monorail in between your two stops. It’s simple, but if you don’t know about this, you could be on the Monorail in an eternal loop, which is not fun.

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“So glad to be back at the Happiest Place on Earth!”

NO. NO, NO, AND NO. Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth. You know, because of the MAGIC Kingdom.

Cinderella Castle

The Happiest Place on Earth is Disneyland. On the other side of the country. They both deserve their own hype, so don’t confuse them. 😢

Click here for all you need to know about the Happiest Place on Earth, which is definitely Disneyland

Of course, we’re just here to be a bit silly with this post. If you’ve ever said any of these things, we totally aren’t judging you. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest Disney news and advice, so make sure to follow along so that you’re always in the loop.

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What’s the cringiest thing YOU have heard at Disney World? Let us know in the comments! 

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9 Replies to “Cringey Things I Keep Overhearing in Disney World”

  1. Top three:
    1. This like is so long.
    2. It is so crowded.
    3. I’m spending so much money.

    Seriously, do you not know where you are. Embrace it.

  2. I’ve always assumed people when joking when making comments about Harry Potter being at Disney. My husband is one of those people who says things like that. He thinks it’s hilarious. I roll my eyes and we continue our Disney day.

  3. Biggest cringe is when people I do not know call me ‘friend’ and act like that’s respectful or appropriately informal. It sounds like a religious cult in the airport in the 70s trying to hand me a flower and get me to donate to their ‘enlightened cause’.

  4. My husband and I probably contribute to many of these with our deliberately obtuse comments about “Mickey’s Castle,” tapstiles reading your DNA, or the Tree of Life being a real tree.

    1. Just returned from WDW this week. My favorite overheard comment was “Is Splash Mountain closed?” I said “Nope, they have plans to hang decorations off all that scaffolding surrounding the attraction.”

    1. I’ve encountered drunks at EPCOT. They’re rude and pushy. I don’t approve of alcohol in the Parks for this reason!