WARNING: A Super Popular Disney World Souvenir is Disappearing

Since its inception, Magic Bands have seen many different iterations. The original 1.0 bands were entirely one shape, with the Mickey puck the same size as the band. The 2.0 version is the shape we know today with a bigger, rounded puck.

We however, now have Magicband+, the interactive, chargeable bands that carry so many features, you’re bound to always discover a new one! So what does this mean for the 2.0 version? Well… have we got some news for you.

During a recent visit to Disney Springs, we noticed one big thing about this MagicBand wall display!

There is only ONE option of a regular Magicband! Let’s take a closer look.

The current choices for Magicbands are almost all Magicband+ options, albeit this one lonely green style!  The Magicband+ styles come in plain colors as well as patterns, just like the old 2.0 versions, only it looks like they’re rapidly being phased out!

It would make sense that Disney wants to keep their newest technology at the forefront of the guest experience, and as owners of the Magicband+, we really enjoy the features that come with it!


Even though the 50 year medallions have been removed from the statues, the gold character statues still interact with the Magicband+. Almost all nighttime spectaculars also interact with the Magicband+, making it a wonderfully immersive experience!


We’ll stay on the lookout to see if Disney puts out anymore of the original 2.0 Magicbands, or if Magicband+ options will be the only choices for the future.

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Which Magicband version do you like better? Let us know in the comments down below!

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6 Replies to “WARNING: A Super Popular Disney World Souvenir is Disappearing”

  1. Went on a quest to find some 2.0 styles back in November’23. Only place I could find a few different styles was the gift shop at the Dolphin! They had a few solid colors and 3-4 graphical options. My wife and I each bought one. She got a simple Most Magical Place on Earth design. I got a vintage comic strip design. My guess is that’s it for these. When they’re gone, they’ll be gone.

  2. We are quite happy with the Magicband 2.0. We resent being forced to spend $34.99 on the Magicband+. It is the only choice now on the MDE. We don’t think they are worth the extra money.

  3. I prefer the original as I heard you have to charge a MagicBand+ constantly (as apparently it runs on battery).

    1. the extra features do run on battery but the basic functions of the original magic band which is the RFID chip inside this does not require charging to work. A magicband+ with and dead battery will still work to get into the parks.