Calling It Now: This Will Be the Most Popular Land at Universal’s NEW Epic Universe

In case you haven’t heard, Universal Orlando is building a new theme park, and it’s going to be EPIC.


Universal Epic Universe is set to open in 2025 and we’re getting HYPED for the additional location. Recently, the company confirmed that there will be five lands included with the new park — Dark Universe, Celestial Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic, Super Nintendo World, and How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk. With all those great options to choose from, which will be the most popular? We’ve got a guess.

We reached out to our readers on Facebook and asked them to rank the five lands in terms of their excitement for each of them. And let’s just say, the results were interesting!

Rank the following Universal Epic Universe lands from MOST to LEAST anticipated: Dark Universe, Super Mario World,…

Posted by AllEars.Net on Monday, February 5, 2024

So which one came out on top? Let’s work backwards and find out.

#5: Celestial Park

It’s not a surprise that Celestial Park was the least popular of the five lands, mostly because it’s not based on a specific IP like the others. Celestial Park will be the main entrance area of Epic Universe and will be home to new dining and new rides, including a carousel and roller coaster.


It may not be the most anticipated land, but it certainly looks like it’s going to be stunning, with its galactic color scheme and details!

#4: How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk

The fourth-most anticipated land is themed to the Dreamworks film series How to Train Your Dragon. The movie trilogy was very popular in the 2010s and has gathered a pretty large fanbase.


In this land, you’ll be able to fly with dragons and enjoy other exciting Viking adventures. We can’t wait!

#3: Super Nintendo World

The top three lands were pretty close in terms of votes, but the #3 spot goes to Super Nintendo World. This land already exists at Universal Studios Hollywood, but now it’s coming to Florida!


It’ll come with its own set of rides and dining options, and it’ll be designed as though you’re stepping into a video game with Mario and Luigi. For all you gamers out there, this is a MUST!

#2: Dark Universe

It was a really close race, but Dark Universe takes the second spot on our list! This new land will be themed to the Universal Monsters.


Here you’ll be able to explore all things spooky like Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s experiments and the “shadowy landscape where monsters roam in a world of myth and mystery.”

#1: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic

And our winner? No surprise here! It’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic land. If there’s one thing Universal does REALLY well, it’s a Harry Potter-themed land…and the people are hyped for a new one!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Ministry of Magic at Epic Universe

This land will pay homage to both the British and French Ministries of Magic from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises. We can’t wait to check out the new ride in this land as well!

So there you go — a ranking of the lands in the new Epic Universe park according to our readers. Stay tuned to AllEars for more Universal Orlando news!

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Which land are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments!

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One Reply to “Calling It Now: This Will Be the Most Popular Land at Universal’s NEW Epic Universe”

  1. Seems like every land is going to have an E-ticket attraction to keep large populations of guests there, even Celestial Park with its racing coaster. Universal’s new park is going to be, well, epic!