What’s in The Water at “it’s a small world” in Disney World?

There are so many fun facts about Disney and Disney rides that it’s almost impossible to know them all!

Walt poses with Rolly Crump, who shows him a scale model of his Tower of the Four Winds, which was located near the entrance of “it’s a small world.” [The Walt Disney Company]
We try our best to learn as many as we can and share them with you, and one way we love to learn about Disney rides and history is through talking with Cast Members and watching Disney’s behind-the-scenes documentaries, like Behind The Attraction! We were wondering recently — what’s REALLY in the water of “it’s a small world?” And now we have some answers!

Water From ALL Over The World

When Walt Disney was getting ready to open “it’s a small world” in Disneyland Resort on May 28th, 1966, samples of water were gathered from ALL over the world to be poured into the ride’s Seven Seaways Canal during the ceremony.


In the photo above, Disney Legend Antonio Bertini, who was Disney’s merchandising rep in Italy, gathers water from the Mediterranean. With him are Club Topolino (Italian for Mickey Mouse) members.

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About ‘it’s a small world’

Chemicals in The Water

When we spoke with a few Cast Members, we learned that the water at “it’s a small world” may not be quite the same as the water at some of Disney’s other water attractions. Cast Members over in Adventureland explained that bromine is used to treat the water at Pirates of the Caribbean since guests may get splashed during the ride.

“it’s a small world” in Magic Kingdom

On the other hand, guests aren’t supposed to touch the water at “it’s a small world,” and one Cast Member explained that bromine is not used for this attraction. However, another Cast Member said that they aren’t sure if it’s treated with anything, but the water goes through a filler machine to make sure it stays at the right height. Because of that, they think it may have some bromine in it.

“it’s a small world”

Note that Cast Members were not able to share exactly what kind of chemicals are in the water here, but either way, we recommend following the rules and keeping your hands INSIDE the boats and out of the water.


Ever noticed all the loose change in the water? There’s a TON!

Riding “it’s a small world”

Did you know that Disney periodically collects and donates the coins in the fountains and waterways in the park? They do! And the best part is that Disney donated $30,000 to Give Kids The World Village after collecting loose change back in 2022.

Why You Should Keep Tossing Coins into Disney World’s Fountains!

In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more.

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